Monday, May 29, 2006

Another Monday

Ooofff, feeling my weekend right now, especially in my lower left calf/achilles - sore! It's another weekend hangover, oh wait it's not over yet. Well I hope everyone is having a good Memorial's Day. That reminds me, I should call my stepdad - 22 years in the Navy. I wonder what they're doing today?

So it's another beautiful day here in the bay. What makes it especially nice is that there has been no fog in the evenings. Skies stayed clear all night. The wind did pick up however which caught some of us off guard. All these years in SF and I still get caught not carrying enough clothing for the sudden change in temperatures and micro climates...tsk...tsk.

I am however quite content to be sitting in this room for the moment, drinking coffee and posting. In a bit I will do some Bible reading and finish a netflix movie. I've had it for 8 days now and have viewed it twice, third time should be the charm for finishing it. Great story (Empire of the Sun)but I just haven't had the time. I'll leave the window open to enjoy the weather:)

Anyway had another great run yesterday and this time I brought my camera. Got great pictures for ya'll.


  1. Come over work in a backyard!

  2. The backyard...takes me back to my high school days, that was the last time I lived in a home with a yard.