Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Little Running Game...

"Threshold! Threshold!" calls out one of our gals, "can we slow down a bit" . We had just beat another group, all we needed was to hold it for another half a mile. What's half a mile?! Go! Go! Go!, Go Janet, Go Rachel, Go Mike, Go Dude whose name I don't know. We made it and our girls were tough.

So yesterday we had track at Crissy Field. This is the park and recreation area by the Golden Gate Bridge. If you were a ship coming in to port, it would be the field and dirt trail to your right after you pass under the bridge. There was a Lacrosse game at Kezar Stadium, no track, not unless you like running the outside. Nevertheless we had a pretty intense workout, for me anyway. Went hard, as much as I could.

Our workout was 20 minutes from the parking lot where everyone parked, so on the way back Coach M2 had us run in groups. Everyone had to run in a straight line, last person had to run to the front, then the next last person, so on and so forth, everyone rotating all the way down. Our group was about 9 strong and we hammered. At first the pace was a little fast, some folks in the group were a little too eager, myself included - we lost Amelia halfway through. Not wanting to lose another we slowed the pace down. I loved it, great team building exercise. We all had to learn to run together, respect each other's paces. Very cool game, wonder what it's called. We should do this in ultra, oh wait, not enough room on the trail. Besides I already know of one person who would want to stay in front the whole time.


  1. Shut up! I actually hate all those games on the runs, running to me has to be pure, and I think I came to it exactly because it's not a team sport in a common sense of word. I don't rely on anyone and don't screw up anybody's day either. I don't handle pressure well.
    I can stay behind...once in a blue moon...if I like what I see more than trail itself:)

  2. Ahahaha you're so European. I like it games now and then. C'mon face it, we spend a lot time running by ourselves, which is also great.

    Hey isn't there a 100k race in HongKong that you have to do as a team, 4 person teams. Scott went with three other runners, kicked butt too.

  3. Squirt12:15 PM

    Did you get my phone message reply today?
    So did Mom talk to you today?
    She had a day off today and is being a lazy jelly bean, but it's good for her.
    Rumor has it, her scholar is falling behind and is hiding out for a while. Hmmm...

  4. You know Squirt, I kind of enjoy that your replies has nothing to do with my post:)

    So are you telling me you are falling behind in school? Tsk...tsk...tsk... Whatever just don't be like James and I, you are the smartest betweent the three of us, keep it that way. Only a few more weeks, keep it together till then.