Friday, May 19, 2006

Triathlon Thursdays

Is finally here! When I signed up for Spin class back in February I choose the 8:15PM time slot on Thursday nights because I wanted to take part in Pedro's 6:30PM Aquatic Park swims before class. Well there's no excuse to delay any longer. The water temperature is perfect and the weather's been great. So tonight I embarked on my first TT workout, the Run>Swim>Run>Spin>Run, okay so there's an extra "run" in there but only cause I don't have a car, gotta get to spin class somehow.

It worked out well, like clockwork; boom, boom, boom. I was worried that I wouldn't hit my heart rate zones on the bike because of the swim, I worried for nothing. I was fine, nothing water and energy gel wasn't able to help. Ran into Serena before class and she said I smelled like the bay. She's in the class before mine's. Speaking of Serena, she's bumming right now by the way, strained her Achilles running the other day. It's gotten worse and now it hurts even just to walk. If you're an athlete you know how much an injury sucks. Just the word "injury" is enough to illicit a wince and an "oohh". I'm bummed for her. The great news is that she can still swim and that's the plan for tomorrow. Anyway spin was great. Rocked the workout, hit all my zones and stayed focused.

After socializing with folks after class I ran home. Running with a pack laden with gear and a soggy wetsuit kind of sucks, I have to be honest. On the other hand without the gear I wouldn't have accomplished much. Easy run home anyway and I had my music with me. Famished when I got home, a good hunger from a good workout. Thursday nights like this will go a long way in preparing me for a Fall triathlon event. I've got my eyes set on a Half-Ironman race in Santa Cruz middle of September. You know I'm really blessed to be able to do this; the resources, the time, good health and great programs. It won't always be like this and I'm glad to be able to take advantage now.


  1. Sounds like a perfect evening for me:)
    So sorry for Serena...hope she'll get out of it soon.

  2. Yeah...injury is always such a bummer. The evening would have been perfect except for that. Ah well a learning experience right.

    For myself some aches and pains but nothing major. 5 more weeks left before WS. Hold baby hold.