Friday, May 12, 2006

Ooofff...First Swim of the Season

Photo Courtesy of Ellen and EQ

The thing that I was most psyched about my new training program this season was that I didn't have to swim until the Spring. I love Triahtlon, I hate swimming. Oh I know I'm hurting the feelings of the swimmers right now; whatever, I have to hear people complain about running all the time. Running sucks! Hmmmm...okay. The workout hurt a bit but not as badly as I thought, although I was only in for a measely 30mins. I think I'm going to ask Ellen from EQ Swimwear for some good workouts. She's quite the swimmer. Last year I swam a lot, took Master Swim classes and swam in the bay. This year has been the opposite. Swimming has no respect for your biking or running skills and endurance, you go in out of shape for swimming it will hurt. Nevertheless it was good to be back, I feel like a triathlete again. Wildflower has got me pumped up plenty. Mmmm...the smell of chlorine, which by the way destroyed my TYR swim trunks from last season. I guess I didn't rinse them out completely and the chlorine just ate away at the fabric. Nice. I was in the pool thinking that maybe I lost weight...righhttt..the trunks were falling apart.

Sunday I think I will join the gang at Aquatic Park. I don't think I'm in swim shape to go around the wall but I definitely can swim to the mouth and back. I'll just let Swim captain Kristin know before hand that I won't be venturing out. I think we have a joint workout with San Francisco Tri-Club, that will be fun. I also see some coffee and pastries after this shindig.Yes that will be awesome but not before a butt kicking workout on Saturday. Hill repeats in the Marin Headlands. Ooofff I'm hurting already. But that's a topic for another time.


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    rick you are a complete rockstar. great entries, amy and i loved them.