Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cold Beautiful Fog

So that ride Monday ended up being cold and foggy, with a lot of wind. I made the decision to ride at lunch when the weather was beautiful but by the time I felt comfortable to take a break from my work it was already 6PM. It was a bit like deciding to go to the beach in June and actually going in December. Nevertheless it was a good ride. Just hammered away, in the elements with my workout. I made my way to Rodeo Beach - the start of Miwok 100k. You know I am always there, either riding or running. It's one of my favorite places and some days it actually reminds me of Honolulu, sans the cold. One day I'd like to have a photographer take a shot of the place for me.

Well this morning I was up early -!?!?!, yes you heard right. I was up at the crack of dawn for an early morning bike ride with my friend Serena. I can count with my fingers all the morning workouts that I've done the last 5 years, rare but it does happen. No wind but lots of fog, quite heavy at certain places. According to the news report this morning, a huge bank of it rolled in early this morning. It was cold but not overly so and hey, no wind.

Rode around the Presidio, we didn't have enough time to make a bridge crossing worthwhile. It was great, Presidio is a gem if you know where to go. Beautiful, quiet, secluded and over looking the bay. The fog was heaviest here, trees and homes shrouded in mist. Something romantic and ghostly about the fog, especially in an old military base. Lot's of people were out too, who are these early morning risers?! So far I've already been on the bike twice and I've also swam twice, pretty sweet. It helps balance out all the running, body takes a pounding and it's nice to cross train.

I feel great but I'm probably going to need a nap later this afternoon. Working alone in a home office can be a lonely existence but naps are always possible. I had a donut with my coffee. Hey nothin' says lovin' like sugar and fat...mmmmmm

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