Tuesday, May 02, 2006


It's Wildflower weekend! The big race for the Triathlon community. While not everyone will race it, we all know about it. Ah the Triathlon community....I love those peeps. The triathlon community has been and continues to be very good to me. It wouldn't be an understatement for me to say that without their support I wouldn't be the ultra-marathoner I am today. They took in an injured, quiet runner, rehabilitated him, taught him new skills, imparted a love for spandex and shaving, introduced him to the never ending (expensive) cool gear, introduced him to some great people and threw him back out stronger, faster, more confident and with a greater appreciation for speed and cross-training. Whew that was a mouthful...

Anyway since I have a car this weekend I'm thinking of making it a double header. Do my 100k race on Saturday, Miwok 100k is this weekend too and drive down early Sunday to catch the end of Wildflower with my cowbell. Hobbling around while ringing a cowbell is a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Wildflower is all weekend; athletes go down Friday and camp out, Long Course (half-Ironman distance) competition on Saturday, Short Course (Olympic distance) competition on Sunday. Last year I wanted to come down but had to lead a YMCA run on Sunday morning, head coach was at Wildflower for the relay version of the long course. I was the assistant coach so it was my job. He appreciated me filling in and told me that I didn't have to run, just inform the runner of their workout and check with everyone before going home. Sit around and watch other people run....hmmmm...right...sure that happened but I digress.

Excited...too excited, I've been waking up an hour before the time set on my alarm clock this week. For a chronic oversleeper that's quite unnatural:) I will also be wearing my GGTC gear to Miwok 100k. I love my club. Maybe I'm just too easily impressed.


  1. I think it plans out to be a great weekend:) I like cheering on at the finish.

  2. It's supposed to cool off a bit this weekend which means we will have great conditions for fast times. The hills are lush with flower and new vegetation, unfortunately this also means Poison Oak. Bring your Technu or Jason's favorite dishwashing soap