Saturday, May 27, 2006

Moving On

View of Tennessee Valley and the northern hills of Marin

So I set up a new account. This time with the Mac app that came with my iMac. No more Microsoft email app's! I lost all my contact info though. Yeah a bummer. Well we'll see. I paid $18 bucks for a software that is supposed to recover mail from my corrupted database. The trial version worked so let's see what the real thing will do. I'm waiting for my password key that will unlock the program.

Yes I know exciting stuff.

Had a good run though. Was running hill repeats on Hawk Hill while dodging cyclists and tourists. I love the traffic actually. Kills the boredom of running up and down a hill. I think I found a new hill to do my hill repeats on, closer to home too. The views were fantastic, clear sunny skies - I love my city. After the repeats I headed to Rodeo Beach to meet up with Serena. She wanted to run the last part of my workout with me as part of her own run workout. She had a bit of a bad day, a bit frazzled when she got there. My poor training partner, all bent and twisted on a beautiful day - ironically nothing like the trails of Marin to straighten her out a bit. Just a bit. She had never been on those hills and had herself a good time.

The post run part was also good. We hit an Inn and Out on the way back. I was craving a burger. Ahahaha, the wrong fuel but I was so hungry. Then it was off to Corte Madera Mall in search of a smoothie place for Serena. Somewhere in the conversation "California Pizza Kitchen" came up and next thing we know we are sharing a Pear and Gorgonzola salad Pizza, which was followed by dessert:) Yeah no health nuts here. It's okay I got full day of running again tomorrow.

So tomorrow is gonna be a bear. Another long day of running but I get to meet up with my Tri-Club, they are doing a 14-mile trail run. I'm planning to head out early, get in 5 hours before meeting up with them for their workout at 11AM. They picked a hilly course too(a double on the Dipsea trail) so I think that will add another 3 hours, at least for me. That will be sweet, company is always appreciated. Trails are best shared with others. J.P. will be leading the run and it's always good to run with him - although I can't keep up, not even when I'm fresh:)

The training is getting more intense heading into Western States 100 but the journey has been amazing so far.


  1. I see you're pumped! Yep, 4 weeks:) Doing wonderfully. Two more peaking weeks - and taper. Be extra careful though. No injuries!!!

  2. ah yes injuries. My left achilles where it meets the calf has been sore. Sore right now as I'm having breakfast before heading out. I'll take it easy.