Friday, May 19, 2006


People always ask me, "so what do you think about when you're out there running for so long?" That always stumps me. I guess it's cause I think about everything, not one specific thing. Although when I feel my strength and mental focus slide I'll employ a daydream, something that gets me psyched up. The daydream usually has something to do with me doing something great, usually running related. Yeah I can't say there's any one thing that I think about. The one thing I DON'T think about however is the things I don't have working for me, the things I don't have; lack of sleep, loss of energy, not enough food, pain:), etc, etc...

I can tell you however that in the other sports that I dabble in, cycling and swimming, that there is a dominant thought that always creeps into my mind. In spin class I always think about running. Ahahaha, seriously, nothing gets my legs pumping and my heart rate rising to the appropriate zones than when I think about running a good nice trail. On the swim I think about running too. There's a theme here huh. Unless I'm out doing a bay swim then I think about the time I almost drowned when I was 10. The memory always reminds me of how far I've come since that day. I went in the river with friends, already knowing beforehand that I didn't know how to swim. Pretty dumb - well there was a girl involved. Girls are like alcohol sometimes, common sense goes out the door with prolonged exposure. I was already going under before her uncle pulled me out. I've never told my grandmother to this day. I was raised by my grandmother till I was 12. Well, I guess she'll know now:)

Well it's time for lunch. What can I grub on today?

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