Friday, January 27, 2006

Shoe Pow-Wow

ShoesShhh....he's coming over.

NIKE ACG: Alright everyone gather around, gather around.
Who's got duty this weekend? Who's doing the 20-Miler this Saturday?

MONTRAILS: We are, we are.

NIKE ACG: Who's got the run after the bike ride on Sunday.

KEENS: The new guy.

SALOMONS: Who's the new guy?

KEENS: Addidas Supernova Road.

VASQUES: I heard he's taking over Air Max Moto's weekday routes.

SALOMON: Wasn't it better when we did all the running, the good ol days.

MONTRAILS: Yeah but the gool ol'days had us losing our treads prematurely. Trail running shoes are not meant for the road remember.

NIKE ACG: Truly, our treads ain't made for this concrete and asphalt.

KEENS: Think of it this way, the more he runs on
concrete the less we have to.

SALOMONS: Do you think Rick will ever get a car
so he can drive to the trails?

NIKE ACG: I don't think so.

MONTRAILS: shhhhh...he's coming over.

SALOMONS: I think Road Shoes are Gay!

NIKE ACG: Now, now, don't be hatin'. We're all family here,
they work as hard as we do.

VASQUES: By the way Montrail just got bought by Columbia Sportswear, hot off the Ultra list press this morning.

MONTRAILS: What!?!?!?! @%+# Are you serious!

KEENS: What are you so surprised about, they ain't even
making your model type anymore.

MONTRAILS: Yep, Love us while we last.

NIKE ACG: All right everyone, that's it for today and be
nice to the new guy.

RIP, Montrail Leona Divides.

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  1. That was absolutely cute! Yeah, we got bought by Columbia, hopefully the shoe line won't change for at least a couple of years. Stock up if you need to:)