Monday, January 09, 2006


I'm freezing! Probably because I'm just working on my computer, in my apartment, dressed only in shorts and a T-shirt and sitting by a window. Let me check the temperature for a minute, 52° Farenheit / 11° Celsius. Quite nice actually, I just need to put on more clothes. So what does all this mean?

It's too cold to hit the water, for me anyway. Last year because I had to train for a Mid-March Half Ironman Triathlon, I was out there swimming, cycling and running. The running was not too bad I can run in any weather But I had to do these open water swims on the Bay. The water was so cold my face, hands, and feet, the exposed parts that are not covered by the wetsuit, would get so cold it stung. There are actually people who swim without wetsuits but that knowledge doesn't help me any nor does it inspire me to get out there. And check this out, I had a 6AM outdoor spin class. A spin class is basically indoor cycling but this one was outdoors, at 6AM and often it was raining. There was a roof over our heads but I had to bike to and from class. Koh...Koh...Kohld.

I need a sweater and my fuzzy animal slippers, hey they're warm.

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