Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cecilia just got Engaged

blog_dadayDaday and Michael in Italy. Click here to see more.

So my original plan for this blog was just to talk about the one all important thing - me. That's why it's called "365 Me" but now it has evolved into a message board for news about other folk as well. I guess it's okay, ahahaha I'm kidding, it's more than okay. I love passing news and updates from friends and family through this blog. From new babies to new engagements. My cousin Cecilia, Daday as she is more commonly known in the family, just got engaged. A nurse in London, she met Michael an American working for the US Air Force.

They were in Rome for the holidays and he asked her to marry her at the end of their trip. They are thinking of somewhere between next Christmas or next summer for the wedding. Meanwhile if all goes according to plan, she will be here soon in the US. Michael's next deployment is North Carolina. She will be leaving her sister Mai-Mai in London but will be closer to two other sister's who live in New York and New Jersey.

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