Friday, January 06, 2006

John Paul Meim is Born!

JohnPaulJohn Paul Meim. For more images click here. Photos courtesy of Paul Meim.

My cousin Rose just recently gave birth to her second child. Her husband Paul just sent me the pics and I'm doing my part to spread the news and images. Rose, her younger sister Bing and their younger brother JM are my second cousins. I grew up with these guys and I'm quite close to them. Funny Rose and I never got a long when we were kids. I once gave her the biggest bukol (lump on her head) when I pushed a bunch of stacked poles on top of her as she passed by. Hehehe... evil I know. But now we are the greatest of friends and I can't wait to see her kids. Her eldest Iya is over a year old and is adorable. She's in a couple of the pictures.

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