Wednesday, January 25, 2006

John Paul Meim's Baptism

JP and MomJohn Paul and Mom. Click here for more photos.

Rose is my second cousin, so what is her kids to me? Nieces and nephews? And her husband Paul, is he my cousin in law? So confusing. Anyway I was in Novato Sunday for John Paul Meim's Baptism, Paul and Rose's new son. Unlike Saturday, Sunday was sunny, bright and warm - a perfect day for a baptism. It was a relatively quick ceremony, Francis and I represented Rose's side of the family and there were about 15/16 people on Paul's side. The reception was at a country club. The weather was amazing. The thought of being indoors on such a nice day did bother me a little but I had made up my mind long ago that running can't take precedent over everything.


  1. running can't take precedence over everything???? hmmm, sounds pretty healthy to me. and you used to do triathlons?

  2. did you pick what IS taking precedence?