Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh Baby!

CameraMy new light and small Nikon 4600

So sweet my new digital camera arrived yesterday. Small and light, it fits easily in the palm of my hand. Since my Grand Canyon trip I've been on the hunt for a smaller and lighter camera that I can use when I'm out cycling or running. My trusty Canon A80 is just too heavy, it swung like a rock in my shorts during the Grand Canyon run.

This is an older model, refurbished Nikon point and click camera, 4 megapixels max (4 megapixels is enough to give you an 11 x 14 magazine quality print). Refurbished means that it was sent back to the company, fixed and re-released. While some folks may be squeamish about "refurbished" gear, I have no such reservations. I've had no problems with my refurbished products. I found out about it through an internet discount retailer. I was also sure to check out the reviews of the camera before purchasing - two thumbs up! The best part is that I was able to cover the cost of my new toy with a small side job. An unsavory little job really but a small sacrifice.

In a couple of months when the weather is better and I can run/hike/bike long distances, I'll be able to take pictures of the beautiful hills of Marin where I do most of my training. Plus in the summer I'll have it with me in my races. Fun, Fun, Fun.

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