Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ice and Rest.

January, February and March are the toughest months for me training wise. The last 5 years I've gotten into the habit of taking December off and by the time January comes around I'm over weight, out of shape and lazy. However once I get going, I work hard and sometimes (well most of the time) I over do it. My poor legs, fresh from vacation and carrying a little extra weight, develop little mini injuries. The ache and pain of the week, shin splints. Darn I was just reading about shin splints on Olga's blog the other day.

Well hopefully it's minor, feels minor anyway, although the last time I had shinsplints I was on low mileage, easy running for two weeks (initially I ignored them).I think it will be alright. I've got a 20-miler planned for the weekend, supposed to rain too, fun! fun! fun!


  1. Don't you learn from other people's mistakes? I know I don't:) Get better, and start training, WS is coming!

  2. And sometimes not even from my own mistakes! Always gambling, rolling the dice, taking chances.

  3. glad you were better for Saturday's 20. Can't wait to get out there with you.....