Thursday, January 19, 2006

Image Archives: Berlin Summer

GermanyJan-Phillip and I enjoying a glass of beer. Thanks to Jan-Phillip I never had a bad beer during my two week stay in Germany.

Two summers ago I was in Germany to visit my friends Jan-Philipp and Cathrin Mueller. What a great time. It was my first time in Europe and I loved it. It was also great to be reunited with my two friends. Jan-Philipp and Cathrin were in San Francisco for 6 months fulfilling internships in 2003. Jan-Phillip is a sound engineer and Cathrin is an attorney. I met them through church and they were also in my bible study group. We became very good friends and they invited me to visit. Unfortunately I've lost touch with them but I'll always have my memories and hopefully these pictures.

In the next day or two I will upload the whole set.


  1. So where do I see you at ultras this year? Locals for you I plan on: Rucky Chucky, AR, WS. May be you can talk Jas into doing it too - I need all the help, he keeps bailing out.

  2. Squirt9:46 PM

    Hey hey.
    Just checked the last few entries that I needed to catch up on.
    Definitely diggin' the architecture your friend designed...LOVINGGG the bathroom.
    Anywho, talk to ya soon.

  3. Hey Olga. Keeps bailing out huh...maybe I'll work on him on my end as well. I'm doing Miwok and WS. I'm trying to talk him into Miwok. DIdn't he crew for you last year? Bailing on AR, I don't like the first part, too flat.

  4. Hey Squirt, glad you like the stuff. I got more for you.