Friday, January 06, 2006

Pumping Iron

I hate it! But it's necessary for the activities that I do. Primarily I have to build up my legs for all the long distance and hill running that I will be doing in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Winter is the time to rebuild, restrengthen what's broken down in those months. The time to lay down the foundation of a training program. I might even work on my back and abs too (core muscles) to prepare for the bike. On the bike, especially on long rides, the strength of your core helps tremendously. Those set of muscles are just as important as the ones that make up your legs and if they are weak you will most likely experience some back pain - I know from experience.

So I was there last night for the first time since last winter. It was actually fun. There were lots of cute girls working out, I forgot all about that. Ran into a couple of triathlete friends and spent too much time talking. Managed to get a good workout on the legs and so far so good.

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