Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Season

Pirates Cove 50k Trail Run
Better than I thought with a 4:55:34
Report Here and Here.

Mt. Diablo 50-Miler
Lots of stinkin elevation and heat
A sad time of 11:35, I got lost:(
Talked about it here, here and here.

The Relay
199 mile relay from Calistoga to San Francisco to Santa Cruz
Videos of the event and my report and pictures.

Wildflower Long Course Triathlon
PR at 5:34

Quicksilver 50-miler
PR at 8:02 and 10th Place Overall

Kettle Moraine 100-miler
One crazy day of running in Wisconsin; heat, humidity, thunderstorms and the threat of tornados.
PR at 21:40 and 3rd Place Overall

Tahoe Rim Trail 100-miler
That altitude whopped my butt and my knee, same one that bothered me at Kettle Moraine 100, shut down my running at mile 77. Walked it in though and got the finish anyway. Tough day and a tough race! Finished grumpy and dejected but had my spirits lifted up by fellow runners and finishers. At the finish line you are always greeted by people who know what you just went through!
26:23 for 20th.

Pacing at Headlands 100
Lost my original runner due to injury but got to pace Catra and Donald. I didn't have to go home with clean, fresh smelling clothes:) The runners were so helpful, they found me other people to pace.

Grand Tetons Hike
Not a race event but even more challenging. 17 hours, 23 miles, two peaks and enough altitude to make this sea level dweller see stars
Pictures and a report here, here and here.

Skyline to the Sea 50k
5 days after the event I was still stinkin slow and slightly sore, must have run really hard.
4:24:53 for 8th and a new 50k PR.
Report Here

Pacing at Rio del Lago
Photos and the Report.

Dick Collin's Firetrails 50-miler
Fastest 50-mile trail race ever with a7:55.
Talked about it here and the race report here.

Volunteering at San Francisco 24hr. Run

Crewing and Pacing at Javelina Jundred 100-mile
A grand ol' time in Arizona. Now I want to run the race myself!
Volunteer Report, Videos, Images and other good stuff.

Quad Dipsea
Got that PR, 35 minutes off my best time with a 4:59:05. Cut it very close.
Race Report

The Northface 50-miler
Initial thoughts here and full report here.

Volunteering at PCTR Muir Beach 50k

20k Fun Run at PCTR Rodeo Beach 50k


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