Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching Up

This is the longest stretch of time between posts since I started this blog 5 years ago. Wow. Well I did need the break but I'm happy to say it has been because of great things happening in my life, really good things. It has left me scrambling for time and having to forego some things but definitely good developments. Since this blog is about running after all I will say that April was a very good month for me. I put together a tough and strong April. I started the month off with the American River 50-mile, continued to train hard for the next two weekends, then finished it off with the Quicksilver 50-mile - no tapers or recovery weeks. Quicksilver was quite the mental challenge and I will file a report on that shortly but it was a job well done after several weeks of consistent hard training. The week after Quicksilver was pacing duty at Miwok 100k. I will pick up from there and throw in the race report from Quicksilver 50when I am able.

Here are several videos from that great weekend at Miwok 100k. Enjoy.

Pal and training bud Larissa "Hammerchuk" Polischuk, flying by at mile 7.

Hammerchuk and friends, exciting Bolinas Aid Station, heading out to the turnaround at Randall.

My buddy Bradley Fenner, the runner I paced the last 21 miles coming in for a strong finish..