Monday, December 22, 2008

PCTR Rodeo Beach

The finish for the Miwok 100k is one of my favorites. It's a nice long downhill through trail and road. This is a section of it in reverse. Admittedly not as much fun! Shot this over my back, came out nicely I thought.

So last weekend Jess decided she wanted to do the 20k race of PCTR's Rodeo Beach event. I was going to volunteer again but I decided to join her instead. After Ironman Couer d'Alene she has been able to run long because of a knee injury. We then roped in Sammy who just finished her first 50k at the Northface event. Sammy was in no mood to go short after experiencing the 50k but a little peer pressure was all it took. A group from our tri-club was also signed up for the 8k and 20k races, so we had ourselves a little running party. I car pooled with them to the start, getting there just before the 50k and 33k runners were about to set off. A part of myself wished I was there with them but that moment didn't last long. I was just happy to be out there again, in any capacity.

The 20k start was 15 minutes later and I used that time to get ready and catch up with the other runners I knew. Got to hangout a bit with Kate Morejohn, met her son Justin who finished ahead of me at the Quad Dipsea three weekends ago and she also introduced me to her friend Rachel who was running her first trail race. Also got a chance to catch up with blog friend Victoria who was also running the 20k. This was her first run since she broke her foot at the Skyline to the Sea 50k a couple of months back. She broke it 8 miles from the finish and hobbled it in for medical aid and the finish.

It was a beautiful day, just amazing weather. The views from the top of the hills was breathtaking. I'm here all the time and I'm never bored of the views especially on days like this. I can go on and on about it but you can see it in the pictures. My run with Jess and Sam was great and I got to run with other folks as well. The best part was being done early with a finish line full of people. I'm so used the usual PCTR 50ks where it's only a handful of us left at the finish. A good day for a good run.

Something A Little Embarrassing
I fell behind Sam and Jess on the first climb. I was talking, taking pictures, taking that one video. On the ensuing downhill I hauled it to catch up. I came upon two runners running on either side of the trail so naturally I picked a line between them. As I was about to go through the gap the runner on the left cuts right in front of me. I brake but could not avoid running into his back, at least I had time to put my hands up. Thankfully he doesn't go down but the runner to my right yells out of surprise. I apologize to her quickly explaining the situation. She still wasn't happy and I told her it was a race and she was ok but not too nicely. At the finish line my friend Susan, waves me over to meet her friend. Wouldn't you know it, it was the same girl I had a run in with. It was a slow walk to Susan but a quick and more heartfelt apology this time to her friend. She was quite nice actually and told me that once before someone had run into her, giving her an injury. Haha! Susan was surprised and amused, "this is the guy!!" Yeah, yeah it was me. By the way Susan, since you admitted lurking on my blog, your USF email keeps bouncing back.

I'll be sure to schedule more runs like this for next year. Shorter, easier runs with friends. It's quite fun and I also got to do something I haven't done in awhile - take pictures on the run.

33k runners Chikara and Jady, mixing up with the 50k starters. Chikara looks pensive while Jady is praying, meditating? Whatever it is he looks happy to be out and ready to start. That's Jon Burg with the white cap to his left. The last time I saw Jon he was dressed like this.

And they are off, it's an uphill start:)

Steve Ansell whipping up some PB&Js.

We veered off to the right but you see that trail to the left, that leads right to the Golden Gate Bridge. That's the trail I use to enter the Marin Headlands 90% of the time. Next year I will trade these trails for the more lush, technical, tree covered trails around Mt. Tam, just mixing it up.

A little over a mile to the finish, hauling it in. Jess, Sam, Kate Morejohn's friend Rachel and tri-clubmate Allison.

With Scrappy at the finish. We were still laughing at how she had to shush me out of the 41-mile aid station during the Northface event. Marisa also finished her first 100 this year at Javelina.

For more photos, click here.


  1. Great video. Great pics. What kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are always so crisp.

  2. It's me! In video! I like the way you can see the entire coast in back of us. Very cool. Have a great holiday season-- see you in January!

  3. Awesome pictures and video, Rick! What beautiful scenery, and how nice to still be able to see some green foliage! :) Sounds like a fun time on what must have been a most beautiful day.

    Merry Christmas to you, and may you enjoy your holidays!

  4. In addition to raising your ultrarunning game this year, you've got some pretty serious video skills as well, I see. You're quite the Renaissance Man.

  5. You must have picked up your video taking skills from me at JJ100 !!

  6. I was surprised to read that you raced again but I don't blame ya! The events are the most fun when you have friends around. Sorry about the collision.

  7. Great Video Rick...Have a very Merry Christmas Bro and look forward to seeing you smoke the trails in 09'

  8. Merry Christmas Rick!

  9. Was nice to see you again Rick. Happy holidays and see ya in the new year. :)

  10. NIce post, Rick- see you soon!