Friday, December 05, 2008

One More Time

A smartly designed bib number, has the meal, raffle and parking pass ticket already built into it.

I'm excited! The legs feel good and I think I can pull off one more good race before closing out the year. I ran on Tuesday just to clear the cobwebs, on Wednesday I did some speedwork on the treadmill and felt better than when I did before the Quad Dipsea and yesterday's run felt amazing as well. I have the desire, my speed is back the only thing missing is a lot of sleep. Work has been whooping me but blog friend Dave Elliot said "I don't wanna hear, you ain't got kids". Fair enough. Regardless what happens Saturday I just want to finish and close off what has clearly been the best year of running for me. Even the one triathlon that I did was a PR performance.

I'm not sure exactly what happened but I'll have some time during the holidays to reflect and dissect the past year. I'll think about what worked and what to improve for next year. One thing for sure is that Northern California is a great place to be an ultra-marathoner. I don't know of any other region that has as many races as we do - a big part of that is Pacific Coast Trail Runs. There are five 100-milers in the state and 4 of them is an easy drive from San Francisco. I wouldn't have had the year I had without the resources and options readily available to me. Back in Spring I said to myself "if the year ended now I'll be happy". I said the same for Summer and now I actually have the opportunity to close out the year as strong as I started it. My cup overflows.

The thought of crossing that start line this Saturday is giving me butterflies. Just one more time baby, just one more time!


  1. Rock it Mr. Gaston! ;)

  2. Yeah, baby, go after it!

  3. Good luck and have fun, Rick! I can't wait to read about your latest adventure!

  4. AT the time I post this comment you are 31/2 hours into an epic performance. We know that you will leave nothing on the course.

  5. You are a machine!! I didn't even realize this was today. I sent you a text while you were running. LOL

  6. Best of luck to ya!! Hopefully California won't pick today to fall off into the ocean! giggle Seriously, good luck! Peace!