Sunday, November 23, 2008

Javelina Jundred

PJ, J~Mom and Mr. Bob Gentile during the pre-race briefing.

Tony, Leigh and Bob, ready to roll. Tony the New Yorker was quite comfortable in the cool morning while most had their layers on.

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Javelina Jundred Awards
This connects to the race blog with pictures of the winning runners in the different categories including best costume.

Javelina Jundred Results

One day in October I got an email from J~Mom saying that she had a dream that Bob and I were working on her roof and that it was a sign that I'm suppose to be there to join in on the fun at Javelina. As crazy as that sounded I called Bob at lunchtime to see if he needed a pacer, he said no but mentioned that his buddy Anthony may need one. An hour later we were on a conference call and Anthony offered to pay for my airline ticket to Arizona if I paced him. The rest is history. Those are some dreams J~Mom and I'm glad you kept pushing for me to come over.

I enjoyed my time there so much that now I'm seriously thinking of participating in this race next year. If my body holds together, better than it did this year, then I would definitely come and run this race. This year I had planned on three 100-mile races but after the second one it was clear that my left knee wouldn't let me do another one, not the way I want anyway. Walking the last 23 miles of the Tahoe Rim Trail race was like eating Chinese food with one chopstick. This is mainly the reason why I'm hitting the weights hard now, paid for sessions with an excellent trainer and have been slowly upping my overall weekly mileage. If I'm trashed at the end of the year I may still just come to hangout anyway. Next year it will be on Halloween!


  1. Always good to read of 100 mile race adventures. After the TNF 50 miler...let your body rest and recover....just a thought. :)

  2. You forgot the detail that Bob was working on the solar panels on my mom's roof, right? LOL!!! Oohh maybe I am a prophet! :>D Whatever, it worked! :>)

  3. Awesome report and thumbs up to all involved! May be not next year (Cactus Rose same day, gotta support Joe Pursaitis)), but surely another. Glad Drymax worked wonders for you so well!

  4. Great race and other stuff re-caps...Thanks Rick so much for your support before, during and after the race...Glad to be your friend and would awesome for you to come over to da East Side and do Vermont 100...I think I am going to roll into that one after Umstead in early April, gives me plenty of time for that one.

  5. Awesome stuff. Thanks for helping to get me through to a decent finish. Next time we will perform even better, so, be ready to pace me again at some point in the future !

  6. Why do they have to have this on Halloween next year? I have to take my son trick-or-treating. Can I do 100 miles from 9pm-midnight the next night? I love the pace report! I'll offer my pacing duties next year (after 9pm), but I may not be that much help, but I like to talk.

  7. What a great experience that must have been, Rick. Looks like you got to hang out with some pretty cool folks and help some people realize their dreams. Great report, very nicely done!

    I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  8. Great wrap-up, Rick!

  9. Dave: That's definitely part of the plan, rest and recover from the long races but steady build up on the weight training and such.

    J~Mom: It totally worked!

    Olga: Surely another, the race should be around for years to come.

    Bob: You're welcome. It was great to hangout and see you finish. I'm definitely planning on coming to Vermont. It'd be great to see you, Tony, Susan, Chris and Lori again.

    Tony: Just let me know Tony, if I'm free I'm coming over.

    PJ: It would be great to have you anyway, hangout trick or treating and watch other people go round and round.

    Jean: It was a great experience at a great place. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Rob: Thanks, it was a good time.

  10. Wow Rick! You are a great writer and reporter. It's nice you take the time to recognize fellow runners. It says a lot about you as a person. ;)

  11.'s nothing. As you found out the ultra community is a lot of fun, volunteering or racing. See you at a run soon. I'm thinking that after the Northface 50-miler I'm going to volunteer for the last remaining PCTR races for this year.