Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog!

So I have this new trick it just came to me as I was approaching the Skyline Gate aid station for the second and last time at mile 37. It's a major AS with a parking lot and wooden railing where spectators can hang and cheer on runners. I was 9th place at this point and 8th place was had just pulled into the station. As I approached there was some cheering and people looking my way. I was relaxed and moving well but I approached with a poker face, eyes hidden behind shades, all serious like and quiet. Then as I got close to the crowd I flashed my most largest, winning-est smile, like Joker from Batman but less scary, and the crowd just poured on the love. Haha good times. I'll have to use that again at another race sometime.

I had the best 50-mile race with the most problems. I guess you can say the extra effort created the problems. I came into this well trained and at a great race weight. I hit all my goals. Now I'm just resting happy and grinning like an idiot. As usual report and more pics later in the week.


3) Run a personal best for the race. I thought my best time on this course was 8:34, it was actually 8:51 set last year.

2) Place in the top 10, if not at least the top 15.

1) The one that mattered most of all, much more important than overall placement - break the 8-hour barrier for a 50-mile trail ultra. It eluded me at Quicksilver this year by 2+ minutes and it's bugged me ever since. Consider me de-bugged.

Dick Collins Firetrails 50-Miler
+7800 total elevation gain, same for loss
8th overall and 6th age group



  1. You are a machine!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!

    I will try to smile for the crowd at the next race instead of grunting and mumbling things about pain!! LOL

  2. I can barely beat you in my car.

  3. Wow!! What a great race you had! Congrats on a well run race. You looked great out there and it was nice to see you running so strong. I hope you are relaxing today and feeling happy about your performance. You did awesome my friend!

  4. Congrats, Rick! That's super fast.

  5. Rick, you are my hero! WAY TO GO! You absolutely destroyed your previous personal best, and you achieved all of your goals. Obviously, you have done an excellent job training and preparing.

    My congratulations to you. That is quite a series of accomplishments, and it is most inspiring! Keep up the excellent work...and I hope you have a nice glass of red wine to celebrate! :)

  6. When I texted you last night, have I mentioned how much I hate you? :))) I am so incredibly happy for you!!! And what you said last night - f*&#@$ this. You CAN have it all!

  7. Congratulations Rick,

    Breaking a barrier is always a great feeling.

  8. Superstar!!!! Congratulations! Rick, you are only going to get better!

  9. You're a rock star!!! Congrats! : )

  10. Wow. WOW. Amazing race, Rick. Then again, it shouldn't surprise me that much - you've been on a huge upward trajectory this year. Congrats on knocking out all of those lofty goals.

  11. Ohhhhhhh Rick!! That's freekin awesome! You're the man! Seriously, you so.rock!! ;D CONGRATS!

  12. Great job Rick! I saw you as I was starting out on my marathon. You looked fresh at that point. I'm happy for you.

  13. Strong work my man. Congrads!

  14. Wow, look at all these comments.

    j~mom: I tell ya, the crowd loves a competitor that's relaxed and in control and when you smile they smile with you.

    mike: You would like this race, maybe next year.

    kelly: Thanks for all the kind words. It was great seeing you out there too! I'm pushing harder these days and it's paying off. You're an inspiration.

    rob: So far it's my best 50-miler. Congrats on your wife finishing her first marathon and she was lucky to have you run with her. She had you and all your experience as her guide.

    jean: Thanks. I did have a celebratory glass of red after I got home. It's been a great and blessed year. 2 more races and I'm done.

    olga: Your text made me laugh! Oh I do hope you're back at 100% soon.

    luciano: Isn't it? It's great to reach and work for something and achieve it. It was especially sweet since the outcome was in doubt until the last mile.

    jennie: Thanks. I hope to keep getting better. I believe there's a few more things I can do before I plateau.

    sarah: Haha, thanks, thanks.

    donald: So far so good. I'd like to train harder next year and see if I can eek out a few more PR's. I've got my work cut out for me though.

    marcy: Hey lady, congrats too on your first marathon! Do you have pics?

    jo lynn: Hi and thanks for leaving a comment. Next time you see me please say hello. Wasn't it just a great day for running?

    grae: Thanks. It was a good hard day of running and I'm definitely feeling it.

  15. You are a running mutha...great job. I shake my head in humble disbelief. We're not worthy, we'er not worthy...:)

  16. hot diggity! you are THE man. "i can barely beat you in my car"...that's funny! i didn't know you hadn't broken 8 hrs before! well, hells bells - things are looking up for our 50m vs 50k. wait, what was the bet? wine? bragging rights? wingman for a weekend? 8th overall and 6th in your age group - you picked the most competitive age group? :) seriously, nice job. i've seen your game face and i've seen your smile so i can imagine the reaction when you switch from legs-of-steel-don't-even-think-of-talking-to-me face to hey-are-we-getting-another-round-of-shots! face. stellar secret weapon, Rick. wow - 2008 has been Rick-tified. you own this year. congratulations!!

  17. Woooah! Congrats, Rick! Sounds like your focused training is working well for you.

    Haven't visited in a while. Love your new design!

  18. I'm in awe of you... but when am I ever not??? You're always running amazing races. I hope my body holds up as well as yours because I want to run like you someday. And come to think of it... if I run a 50 miler in the spring, will you pace me in the last half? I'll pay you!!!

  19. dave: I said the same things to the guys who came before me. Speed is relative but fun and enjoyment can be had by all. Go hard but enjoy your race this weekend. Will be rootin for ya!

    sammy: We bet on wine. Box wine for you if you win, a nice Cabernet for me if I win. Teehee. Haha legs of steel, nice one. I need you to throw that in when you're my wingman for an evening, our triathlon club holiday party is coming up. Two more races to go and the season will be over. I don't know if I can top the excitement and achievement of last Saturday though.

    jaymie: Yah, it's really worked out. I've been able to just concentrate on running which is nice. I know why you haven't visited in awhile, it's cause you are such a celeb runner now. Haha you deserve the awards. You're blog is a great source for learning about running in the Philippines.

    glorybelle: You've got the speed, you'd be a terror on the trails once you fully acclimate to trail running. Sure I'd pace you....wait unless we are running the same race. I'm not running American River though, is that the race you are talking about? You could so whip some butt on that event. A heavy dose of road and about 21 miles of trail.

  20. Rick-

    Hey just a friendly precautionary heads up...with your sudden rise up the result lists this year, if you ever finish ahead of me at any distance, I will be requesting a urine sample.

    Will G.

  21. Ha the gig's up. I've been coming in 8th the last two races just so I won't arouse any suspicion! I doubt I'll be fast enough to pass you. I would only have a chance if it was downhill the whole way and you couldn't leverage your fast climbing ability. I'm just banging my head right now trying to figure out a way to close the gap between myself Swisher and Dunlap. Not even sure it's possible but I ain't giving up yet. Is it more mileage in training, dropping more pounds, hiring a coach, stop talking to the pretty girls in races? Not sure yet but I'm like a mechanic tinkering with a machine. I tell you though, racing at a faster level than what I'm used to is kicking my butt.

  22. Sorry Rick, no sympathy from me on that last point...I've gotcha by eight years.

    Congrats again on another terrific finish.

    Will G.

  23. dang, rick. you da' bomb. i'm so proud of you! you are my hero, dude...

  24. Hey Rochelle, how are you lady? Long time no see! Thanks, you know how I love this trail running stuff.