Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pirates Cove Results

Results here. The 40-49 age group ruled the day with 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th places in the top 10. Shout out to Will G. for his top 10 finish.

...about 20k into the run...
Vladimir: Hey, how you doin? Good to see you out here, you started late or something? What were you doing back there?
Me: Oh hey, didn't know you were going to be here. Ah you know, my usual slow starts. You should know this already:)
Vladimir: Right, right.


  1. Thanks Rick...

    Not to mention the out-of-staters/foreigner, I think I actually placed 2nd in the California/USA category.

    Some fast runners there yesterday, great day.

    Again, well done on your first race of 08.

    Will G.

  2. Congrats on a great race!!

  3. Awesome job homie! ;D ;D

  4. Wow Rick You did smoke that course...Congrats Bro! Great Job!

  5. Rick, awesome, awesome time and fun! Way to start the year!!!
    Rumor is you're going to FL this week?

  6. Way to go, Rick! You keep getting faster and faster.

  7. Squirt =P8:12 AM

    damn rick
    you got 11?
    remember you running in the park and i, along with the sausage, were beside you for those entertaining 5 seconds? ahaha
    you know you loved every moment of that! =]
    btw, GOOD JOB!
    p.s. im picking your rear end early friday morning-so much for sleeping in!

  8. Hey, Rick, sub-5 on a hilly course, excellent job.

    (And Will G., if you read this, very nice too.)

  9. Wow, nice job Rick! That is an awesome time. 11th overall, and 3rd in your division? I've said it before, but you are a rock star! :)

    Way to go, and keep it up!

  10. amazing job :) I'm glad you had such a great day out there on those beautiful hills! Congrats on the great finish :D

  11. Squirt =P8:08 AM

    ready for the red eye bissh?
    im def not ready to GET UP!
    see you on the flats =P
    enjoy your flight!