Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sad Sad Night

So two storms rolled in the Bay Area the last two days. The first one Monday brought wind, heavy rain and even hail. A hill even gave way in North Beach, 7 buildings were condemned and evacuated.The newscast said the next one was going to hit Tuesday during the evening commute, right during Track.

Naturally when I got there there were only a handful of people, by the time we finished warm ups we've grown to a dozen. Coach was missing so I called JP and Janet for his cell number. Apparently there was some kind of emergency and he had been trying to get a hold of me. Got the workout, briefed the runners and off we went, a quarter of our normal size. Everything went smoothly. This would have been okay, considering the weather and all and had it been the same for the other triathlon club in attendance. Not so. Attendance for these guys were normal and they even ran a longer work out. Not that I'm all competitive or anything...okay so I am. So what's different with their track members? How come they were out? Are they just more driven or do our members just have more resources available to work around the weather issue? For example on wet Saturdays we have the option of getting a spin in at Coach M2's studio. One good thing, the rain stopped as I was making my way to the track it stayed dry during the whole workout. It turned out to be a nice night after all.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


This morning I had too much coffee right before my run. I had a cup of half decaf, half regular at home before leaving. I was supposed to pre-run the course with my friend Nicole but she ended up having to work, however she felt badly about bailing so she promised she would still give me a ride to Muir Beach. It was late enough, 6AM, that I accepted since I wasn't going to be ready by 7 and I needed to be at the parking lot at 9:30. Besides I only needed 3 hours of running today, thus the late start. So not only was she early but she also brought coffee, large with cream on the side. I had more of course. Along the way I decided that it would be better is she just dropped me off at the end of the bridge so I could just run to the meeting point. I get my pre-run in and I save her time. So off I went but not before finishing the whole cup. It was warm in the car, the coffee was good and the morning conversation was pleasant, next thing you know I had an empty cup in my hand.

As I was running I became very jittery and paranoid. I kept looking behind me and once I almost jumped out of my skin because I though a mountain lion was stalking me, turned out to be a tree stump. Instead of being at peace to be on a quiet trail at 7:30AM I was a mess. The rain didn't help, it made everything gloomy and foreboding. Massive Attack's 100th Window album on the iShuffle wasn't helping either, it was eerie and mood, yet I didn't feel compelled to change it. I felt like I was in a Stephen King novel. I kept looking back because I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being followed. My stomach started to feel funny too. It wasn't until an hour later when some it passed that I started to feel better. I already knew from the symptoms that I had to much caffeine but I couldn't do anything but ride it out. I must have weak coffee at home or that store bought stuff was something else.

By the time I started climbing the Coastal Trail up and out of Tennessee Valley I was already feeling better. By then the music changed to Hawaiian just as I was getting a view of Tennessee Beach. It had also stopped raining which allowed me to snap my iShuffle into one of my Camelback straps...ah control once again.

Sweet morning it turned out to be. I only had 6 people show up for the run but these guys came out to play. They kept remarking how beautiful the views were. My favorite..."so lucky we missed the rain". It was very nice and muddy to boot. Thankfully I got a ride home from Kevin. Ok now I need another cup...feeling very sleepy, tired, want to nap but must prepare for Sunday School. Must keep moving.....more coffee por favor, only one cup this time.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Marin Headlands Hundred is On!

Just got the news from Pacific Coast Trail Runs. Next to Bighorn this is now the next most important race in my schedule. So I'm missing Miwok 100k this year because of Wildflower Triathlon but gaining the Hundred. I sent a note to Wendell and Sarah about possibly designing the shirt for the race a month back. I didn't hear back so maybe they already have a design going or someone in line to do it. In any case I'm excited about finally having a 100 here in Marin. Only 15,000 feet of total elevation climb, generous 32 hour cut-off and an amazingly beautiful course that doesn't get too hot, what's not to like in this hundred. This run should attract a lot of runners, maybe even a lot of the first time 100-milers. It's so close to home maybe I can get a few folks from the Tri-Club to crew for me.

* * * * *
We are pleased (and very excited) to announce that the inaugural Headlands Hundred and associated 50 mile endurance run will be held in the beautiful Marin Headlands, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

Please visit: Headlands Hundred
for additional information.

We hope to see some of you this August.

Wendell & Sarah
Pacific Coast Trail Runs

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nicasio-Tomales Ride

Jim enjoying the break at Tomales. More images for everyone but especially for Jean who is freezing his butt off in Minnesota - I think he likes it that way though.

Okay I'm an idiot, the boiler was for the heat in the building. Well since I don't use my heaters it's not really a problem.

This was last Saturday. Got some great riding in Northern Marin. We started in the valley but made our way to Tomales Bay and from there following the waters edge back to Stinson Beach and our start point by the Nicasio Reservoir. JP and Janet led the ride. It was perfect weather wise; sun, no major wind and cool temperatures. I had never done this ride before, only sections of it, it was great to do bike a new route - new for me anyway. Instead of riding from the city we drove to our starting point, about 25 miles north of San Francisco. I caught a ride with my friend Helen. Skipping all the traffic and stop signs was a blessing. If I had a car I would drive North for my bike rides often. It wasn't a total hammer ride but there were some hammer moments and we covered some 60+ miles. A lot of green, unlike the East Bay, the hills here stay green all year round. Some farm animals; horses, cows and sheep. If you've read my "6 weird things about me" post, you'd know that farm animals make me hungry. Unfortunately a lot of dead skunks as well. You don't always seem but you can always smell them. In my excitement in starting out the ride I forgot both my water bottles in Helen's car. Mike pointed it out to me half an hour into the ride, a minute later I swallowed a bug. It would have gone down a lot better with some water! JP was nice enough to give me one of his water bottles and that kept me until we pulled in to Tomales Bay 2.5 hours later. It was filled with energy drink which was even better.

The best part was when we were heading home from Tomales Bay to Pt. Reyes. Hills on the left, water on the right. There were six of us. JP hammered out first, followed by Mike, I follow next, follwed by Janet, Helen and Jim. It's one nice 16-18 mile section with short rollers. I followed both JP and Mike's lead and cranked away tucked in the aero position. Went hard on the downhill sections using the speed to carry me up and over just so I can repeat the process again on the next downhill. It was a lot fun, tiring but fun, like coming down a sweet downhill technical section on the trails. Go hard, breathe and enjoy. I did have to un-tuck several times just so I could rest, stretch my back and spin up some of the hills. With all the miles running it was really nice to be able to experience that kind of speed, to be able to cover so much distance so quickly with the same amount of energy. Definitely a good change from all the running.

Now it's raining again, it is still winter. Rained hard today, suppose to rain tomorrow and possible showers on Saturday as well. You know what that means, nice muddy trails on Sunday and this weekend I'm taking them back to Marin, to Muir Beach to be exact. Heading over with a new friend to pre-run the course at Muir Beach. She's training for Boston. Training for Boston but has no qualms about running some muddy hill trails on Sunday. I need more of those kind of friends. So I'm back down on my mileage again this week, I only need 2.5-3 hours for my long run. Looking forward to the break. Easy ride on Saturday, short run on Sunday.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Rrrrrrrrrr! Bam! Bam!

There was a note on Monday that the boiler was going to be offline for repairs. I remember because I made a mental note to shower Monday night. Hot water was never shut off. Today however...what friggin' racket. I guess my second floor apartment right on top of the boiler. Today is not a good day for working at home. Nice there they go again, a small price to pay for hot water.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


comes Humility in a sport full of giants. Runners cross the Sahara Desert's 4,000 plus miles in 111 days. Thanks to Barefoot Ted on the ultralist for forwarding the ESPN link to the story. Just an incredible feat.

Do You Know That Dean Guy?

New club member Tina, cranking away. Look at that smile.

So the backyard shot was Sunday. My usual pre-run before leading the club Sunday trail run at 9AM. I don't have to do everything, delegating is not a problem but I've been too busy to organize trail run leaders. Besides, J.P. and Janet has been coming to the trail runs, both of them, especially J.P., is like having another trail run leader in the group to share the task with me. Anyway we've just started the trail runs but new folks are already starting to ask questions about my running. Something about showing up for the run already soaked, salty and GU stained and in the case of last weekend, with muddy legs and shoes and out of breath (i)(Kelvin and J.P., who pre-ran with me, pulled away on the last 200yds. at Rodeo Beach and I chased like a dog after a car). I never caught them but I was a sight coming into the parking lot. I think I'm missing the trick in sand running.

A Conversation From Last Sunday's Trail Run
runner: So where did you come from this morning, you already ran it looks like?
me: Well I pre-ran the course in the Presidio this morning because the last time I did this particular course was 2 years ago and I didn't want to lead anybody astray today. I did end up getting lost this morning so it turned out to be an excellent idea. Then I crossed the bridge for some running in the Headlands before coming back and meeting up with you guys in the Presidio Sports Basement. I needed 5-6 hours today.
runner: Oh? What are you training for that you have to log so many miles
me: A 50-miler in May
runner: Wow that's a long way
me: oh and a 100-miler in June
runner: really, oh do you know that guy...ultra guy from here?
me: You mean Dean Karnazes?
runner: Yeah that's him, ever done Western States?
me: uh yeah, he's a nice guy and yes on Western (grimacing, haven't forgotten the blisters)

I actually don't like talking ultra unless I actually know people are genuinely interested or are ultra runners themselves. I won't go out of my way to talk about it but I won't hide it either. Main reason why I've started wearing my race shirts to club workouts. If a person feels intimidated by my Quad Dipsea or my Western States 100 shirt, that's their problem. It's likea being a Christian in San Francisco. I don't preach to all my friends but I won't hide it either. I can't hide who I am. If someone is uncomfortable hanging with me because of my beliefs then that's their problem. Anyway that night I dreamt of Dean Karnazes. I was at a run, he came out shook hands, shook my hand and we chatted a little bit. I actually like Dean, I've met him a few times and he's been nice on the trails. He was the first thing on my mind when I got up Monday morning. However, as great as Dean is there are other things I'd like to dream about:) Oh I don't know; pretty trail running women, new trail shoes, food! and maybe a new shiny carbon road bike in club colors just to name a few.

This weekend we are back in the Marin Headlands but I need to find a trail that is not too hilly that is at least 6 miles long to a max of at least 10. Complying with the request by a few runners to pick "not so hilly" routes, at least for the remainder of February. Wish me luck! That's like trying to find a hill in Orlando, Florida. No more Mr. nice run lead though come March. I can only hold back for so long.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Backyard

Was just tightening up the shoe laces to get ready for the downhill when I saw the view. Too bad you can't see it because of the blown image.

It's not really but I'd like to think so. Just a mere 7.5 miles away. Nothing but a warm up on the weekends:)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sunday's Long Run

GGB at 6AM
Golden Gate Bridge at 6AM. A nice start to a great long run. Click here for more images.

Sunday was like race morning. Alarm clock went off, snoozed only a couple times and then I was up. Despite only 3 hours of sleep there was no whinin or bitchin only quiet excitement. Camelback was already packed, all I had to do was mix my energy drink. I also budgeted enough time for coffee and breakfast. A cool, calm and orderly morning, no rushing.

By 5:30AM I was set to go. Headed out towards the bridge to Baker Beach. I ran the "Alcatraz" course so named because its the run route used by the "Escape from Alcatraz" Triathlon. It was beautiful out there, especially at Baker Beach. I took the time there to snap a few photographs before heading back towards town. 10 mins from the bridge is Sports Basement and I was meeting up with J.P. and Kelvin at 7:30AM for the run over to Marin for the start of the trail run. We actually didn't leave the parking lot until 7:45 so we huffed it the whole way, worried that we were going to be late. Those two are faster runners than I am, I should be so lucky, so I was running hard to keep up. My heart rate was near or at max for the majority of our run over. Towards the end I was barely hanging on and they left me for good when we hit the sands of Rodeo Beach. We made good time and even ended up extending our run a bit and still getting there 10 mins early. Perfect.

About 40 people showed up for the run. Half of the group was made up of a team training for a Half-Ironman in May. It was their first group workout and Coach Neil erred on the side of caution by having them join our trail run instead of risking it on the bike with the forecast calling for rain. There were two routes; a 4.5 miler and 9.2 miler. I passed out maps, briefed them, Coach Neil briefed his team and then we were off. From the Rodeo Beach parking we headed straight to the top of the ridge, about 1.5 miles and a little over 800ft. of climbing. The last part of the climb is a narrow, steep singletrack trail full of loose rocks. Hahaha I forgot all about that section, seeing it made me laugh out loud. If people were cursing my name I didn't hear them. I was at the back playing sweeper. Soon as I saw off the last 4.5 mile runner down the right trail they needed to get back to the start I tore off after the 9.2 milers.

Some folks left soon as they got back but a good number was relaxing at the finish after the run. They were all chatting, stretching, making new friends, probably cursing their trail run leader. The run went well overall but some of them did manage to get lost. Maps people maps, use them. I totally understand though I get lost all the time. I even get lost in marked courses. I only yell out of amusement. What cracks me up about the wrong turn that they had taken was that the right way was an easy downhill back to the finish. Instead they headed up the trail, on the most steepest worst footing section. I don't know why I find that so funny. Amuses me greatly every time I think of it. Mebbe because I've done similar things. Besides getting lost a couple of our runners had fallen and suffered scratches but nothing major. We closed the run with a brunch at the Dipsea cafe. It was a bit of a wait but the food, was worth the wait. A successful kick-off run.

However it had been brought to my attention that maybe it's still a bit too early to be doing such hilly runs. So instead of returning to the Marin Headlands this Sunday we are going to do a less hilly run here in San Francisco, utilizing the trails in the Presidio, Baker Beach and Land's End. Boooo. Who doesn't like hills? Well it's my job to accommodate and serve so at least for the rest of February we will take it easy on the hills. Come March however....

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank God for Monday

Wow that was some weekend! From Friday noon ending today at 2PM with the completion of my deadline. It has been one crazy busy time. Just had way too much going on. Got most of it done though; projects, chores, spending time with friends, church, run director dutes, club events, training, groceries, laundry, etc, etc, etc. The project though, shouldn't have been that difficult. It's hard to get things done when you have no ideas or keep coming up with the same old ideas and solutions:) But I kept banging away at it. At first it was like trying to cut wood with a spoon but thankfully once I got going things moved a lot faster. Looking forward to a full nights sleep tonight, it will be the first in 3 days. I've been averaging 4 hours a night. Feels great to be on this end just in time for Monday. Speaking of work, it was slow now it's crazy. Freelancing...crazy, slow, crazy, slow. This morning I already had to turn away my first project but I did hesitate for a much more sleep can afford not to take? This time I erred on the side of rest. Time to seal all the good training with some rest.

Got pics from an excellent long run this past Sunday. A sweet run, it was three separate runs pieced together. I started at 5:30AM running solo on the San Francisco side, picking up two buddies at 7:30AM for the crossover to Marin and then leading the clubs kick-off trail run at 9AM where we had about 35-40 people. Despite the forecast of rain people showed up. It was supposed to rain throughout the day just like Saturday. I had plastic protected everything, literally. I had 20 marked maps in ziplock bags, phone, camera, iShuffle in a ziplock bag. Extra clothing, energy drink powders in a trash bag. All this in my Camelback that was of course heavier than usual. After all that prep it didn't rain, of course. Not only did it not rain but it got sunnier as the day progressed. Got 5 hours done. Not enough though, I need to leave an hour earlier for next time.

Great run, more stories and images to come.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quiet Saturday

So I did hit that Spin class this morning. This is after a friend laughed at me for turning down a ride with him. He's hitting the wet road. Ah but it was nice indoors. Class was packed. I enjoyed it so much I'm thinking of doing these on Saturday mornings now and just adding an outdoor ride afterwards. 1hour Spin + 2 hours or so on the road. They say an hour's spin is like a 2 hour ride outside. Spin is just so much more focused. There's no coasting in Spin and never an easy moment in M2's classes. Then it was off to breakfast afterwards with a couple of friends. Now I'm just working, I have to get in 8 hours or so this weekend - Monday deadline. It will probably take longer because the creative juices are not flowing, having a version of "writer's block". We'll see what a little exercise and a good breakfast will do. Got the blinds pulled up, good tunes playing and lots of inspiration in the form of books. I've been at this since noon and so far so good.

Break over for now.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Night Recovery Run

Wow that was one slowww run. Last night was another goodnight at Spin. I almost always have good nights at Spin. Last night hopped on the treadmill right off the bike and had an excellent 5k run which had a little bit of everything; accelerations, sprints, climbs and a slow recovery walk in the end. Then I hopped on the swim machines and cranked it up, my core today can attest to my over exuberance last night. Nothing strained but sore. I have a 6+ mile recovery route that I usually do in an easy 55-56 minutes, that includes all the stoplighs along the way. Tonight, a whooping 1:05. Wasn't even raining, I was between showers. What was I doing out there? 1:05? Well day dreaming for one. I was thinking about the trail run on Sunday. Sa'll good. Just a recovery run.

Rain Rain Come On In

Rain is finally here, I've been waiting for it. The weather has been too good, besides we need it anyway. Couple of weak systems rolled by but are followed by stronger ones. It ain't that cold and frankly I love running in the rain but it does put a damper in the other activities I need to be doing like biking and swimming. Speaking of which I need to start swimming. Debating whether to drop in on a spin class this Saturday. Everything is just harder and more dangerous on the bike when it's raining. It's a joke around here that San Francisco drivers don't know how to drive in the rain, I don't think it's a joke. Then there's the bike, brakes are slower and the smooth skinny tires are slippery in the wet pavement. I don't know, it's still fun to be out despite all that. Play it safe indoors or ride outside anyway? Hmmmm....

Sunday's weather will be the same for the run. Rain? Puddles? Mud? Wind? bring it on. Wet shoes does give me blisters but not on a 6-hour run. It ain't even that cold, a good shell will do. This Sunday I'm leading our first trail run of the year. I mapped out a 4.5 and 9.2 mile course in the Marin Headlands that should be fun and challenging for all. I have a feeling though, that the weather is gonna keep most of the runners home. How it goes I guess. I understand, not everyone likes to run in the rain. Personally I'd like to be out 5-6 hours again so I'm probably going to do the majority of that workout before meeting up with the runners at 9AM.

Well that's what's coming up. Looking back, Wednesday I was quite the Slugg (slow and ugly). We had our first track session Tuesday, the previous week was just an intro course. We had about 50 people and a good number were new to the club. It was an easy workout, 8 x 200's with a 200 jog in between. However the easy track workout was preceded by a bunch of exercises so it ended up being a pretty good night overall. The men were initially separated from the women but once we started our intervals it was all a mess. People everywhere. Until we do our benchmark 2-mile run we won't have our pace groups. Our rival club was out there too, they had a good group going as well and with the addition of the other smaller groups we had one very crowded track. I think it's great we have a rival club, lot's of friendly competition. At one point it seemed like all of us was running at the same time, over a 100 people going round and round. I felt like I was in a start of a race. It went very smoothly though because everyone was working from the same play book; slower runners stayed on the right, no one was blocking the lanes, and people were polite.

It's tradition that the first track session is followed by a social at Kezar Pub. This is where I screwed up. Slow was from a good workout, Ugly was from having too many pints after the workout. Club buys the first round but I over estimated the amount of beer we needed and ended up ordering a little too much. So I stayed late with some of the other kids and drank more than I needed. Calories. Calories. Calories. Closed the evening playing wingman to a friend who wanted to talk to a couple of ladies at the bar. I obliged because I actually knew one of them:) An acquaintance who used to attend my church. We actually had a great conversation, comparing notes on what it's like to be in christian and non-christian social circles.

Well I hope everyone is having a great Friday.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

You Can Have Your 13-Miles!

Headlands 2.5.07
Jason and Stephen, a breather at the top of a ridge. Tennessee Valley in the background. Muir Beach and Point Reyes in the distance. Click Here for more images.

I'm sorry that I told people I was running the San Francisco Kaiser Half-Marathon and then flaking on them. I am not sorry that I spent 5 hours running somewhere else instead, 3+ hours of it in the Marin Headlands (Finally!) with a couple of buddies (Jason + Stephen).

Alarm was set early (5:20AM)and I hit the 5 minute snooze button 5 times before I came to my senses. I'm getting used to these early morning starts on Sundays, they pretty much will be the norm for the whole year. I hate to admit it but I'm starting to like it. I hate getting up but once I'm up. Yeah, crazy. I like being out running when the sun is coming up and I especially like being done before lunchtime. Kind of nice. This will only be once a week though, let's not go crazy. Now if I can only go to bed at a decent time.

Left the house a quarter past 6 and I made my way to the bridge. At 10 past 7 I met up with Jason and Stephen at a gravel lot by the Golden Gate Bridge. It was nice. A little hazy but not cold and only slight winds. We stayed around the valley of Rodeo Beach, Miwok 100k and Marin Headlands 50k runners would know what I'm talking about. In fact we incorporated the last 2 miles of the Miwok 100k race on our route; Miwok to Wolf Ridge to the top of the ridge, then down the single track trail filled with loose rock to the steps, then onto the old asphalt road down, down, more trail, then to the parking lot of Rodeo Beach which is the start and finish of both races. We took that section fast. Jason took the lead and just blazed down the trail. I tried to follow, skidding around switchbacks, kicking up rocks and dust, almost taking a head dive on the stairs but Jason was gone and once he hit the old asphalt road he increased his turnover and stretched out those long legs of his. Never caught him.

At Rodeo Beach we replenished water bottles and made our way home. It was good catching up with the guys since we rarely run together now. Jason's busy with work and he just got a place. Stephen is also busy with work and he and his wife is expecting their first baby in May. After I dropped them off at the parking lot and I made my way home via Crissy Field. There's a nice gravel topped road by the water that I like to run on. By this time folks were out in droves. Glad to see so many people outside. I'm sure it will dwindle to a small crowd once the Super Bowl starts.

A decent 5 hour run. Planned on 6 but I was done once I crossed the bridge back to San Francisco, I just had enough to make it back home. Not bad considering I biked hard for 3 hours yesterday. The bike on Saturdays is pushing me over the edge, I either have to shorten my long runs on Sunday or build my body up so I can do both, rides on Saturday and long runs on Sunday. Possible? Maybe. Last year in my training for WS I quit the bike. Ran long runs on Saturday and rested on Sundays. Not an option this year.

Well I better clean up. Hungry! I took some Endurox R4, my favorite recovery drink but now I'm thinking of a nice Subway Sandwich. It's a good thing I'm doing Sunday School again today, those 3-4 yr. olds will keep me awake. Our services are at 4PM, nice cause I can get my workout done bad cause there are Sundays when I'm just tired and exhausted. Today is definitely one of those days. If it was up to me there would be no lesson. Every Sunday I teach it would be "Rick's Sunday School Wrestling Hour". I wrestled in high school. I'm a lot rusty but I think I have few moves that could make a difference in the playground, don't think it will fly with management though. Too bad, for the moment our 3-4 yr. olds are boys, perfect for a little wrestling team...but I digress. I feel a lot better than last Sunday though. Today was a much longer and harder workout and besides being tired I feel fine. Last week I was barely walking. Body's adapting, nice to see.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me


So I was tagged by Bob. I'm supposed to reveal 6 weird things about myself and then pass on to 6 other bloggers. I'm really not into chain games but I'll bite this time, kind of fun actually. However I won't forward to others - a compromise no?

I train for and run/race ultras. That makes me "weird" to alot of people. I've heard snide comments concerning my intelligence before and sadly one came from another athlete who should have known better. I should have gotten up and kicked his ass, why didn't I?...oh right it was a formal dinner and I would have only proven him right. Wasn't a good guy.

Seeing farm animals make me hungry especially cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, goats, dogs, hahaha kidding on the last one. Although I know what they taste like. Wasn't my fault I was tricked. I'm totally innocent. Ok I've said too much.

I like fuzzy animal slippers. Yes I know I'm a grown man. I was visiting a friend and her kids one time and stuck my feet in one of the kids new fuzzy slippers, they were way small but I was like "whoa, these are comfortable. How great would these be after races". So I got a pair. If you run you should be able to wear what you want, including but not limited to fuzzy slippers. I just try to remember not to pick up the mail with them on. I don't need to give people more ammunition.

I don't like heat in my apartment. If it's 40 degrees out, it will be 45-50 in my apartment. I had a friend over one time and she spent the majority of the evening on my couch buried in my down comforter and complaining about the temperature. Hasn't been back since. Note to self: some girls like heat.

I used to iron my underwear. I stopped when my girlfriend at the time laughed at me. I still have the urge but I stop myself, I want to be normal. So now I crumple them all up and shove them in a shelf in my closet. They are either ironed or unceremoniously shoved in a corner, theres no folding in this household.

I don't like crying. I don't like doing it and I don't like seeing it, yet I always get suckered by the TV and movie dramas. Once I even shed a tear on a Star Trek episode. True, True. Sometimes I just don't know about me.

So there, oh there were more but I'll stick to the limit.