Sunday, April 20, 2008

Video is Even Better

Whine+Cheese Logo.jpg
Our team logo, drawn up by yours truly. Something fun and irreverent, like most team names for the event.

The Relay was another great experience, this was my 4th time back for this particular event. I've also participated in the Mt. Hood to Coast relay in Oregon. If you have a good group it's a total blast. The Bay Area version starts up North in Calistoga heads down to San Francisco then South to Santa Cruz for a total of 199 miles. There are 12 runners, each running 3 legs each which vary in length and difficulty. The runners are broken up into two teams, Van 1 and Van 2, together they leap frog their way to the finish. While Van 1 runs, Van 2 rests. The organizers make sure it's a full moon weekend to make the night section even more spectacular. A great way to celebrate friendships and make new ones.

There's too much to tell so for the moment I'll just share my videos. These babies, short as they are, pretty much sums us how our weekend went. I ran shifts for both vans because one of our team members got sick. The only thing I missed out on was sleep but I was witness to a lot of the action.

The song came on and this happened. Caffeine? Sugar? Exhaustion? Maybe all of the above. Day two of "The Relay", Van #2, the push for Santa Cruz! The ladies rehearsing their dance/cheer for our runners.

So the way you finish this relay is that all runners from 1-11 wait for runner 12 at the top of the finishing chute. As runner 12 approaches, everyone joins in and we cross the line as a team. We had our own twist to it however.

The other videos:

Boys Cheering

The guys cheering on the ladies on the course.


One of our runners, pacing another through a night section.

One of runners, runnin on by.

It's Hilly!

Our fearless team captain, telling us all about the hills.

Last Van Exchange Point

Van exchange points are where the two vans of a team meet up. Here the last runner of Van 1 handed off to the first runner of our Van 2 for the last time at the Santa Cruz county line. Day two of The Relay. Next up is the finish at the Boardwalk.


Sassy heading out.


  1. ROFLMAO! What a trip you homies are!

  2. I love how in that first video the runner just runs by and doesn't acknowledge the dancing. Sometimes when you are tired it's hard to smile. LOL

    That is it, I am joining your club. I will just fly in every weekend for training. Will you pick me up at the airport? LOL

  3. Ah my triathlete friends, like my blogger and ultra-running peeps, they keep me laughing and having fun.

  4. LOLOLOLLOLOL OMG that looked like so much fun Bro

    Love the dancing video the best :-) very fun stuff & love the Team name and Logo...I noticed it on the van!

    Congrats to all u Whine & CHeese WINNERS!

  5. The boys dancing had me laughing so hard at work I was crying. Glad it was such a good time!

  6. Those videos are great! I particularly like the one of the dancers! And your team logo is SWEET!

    Great stuff, Rick. That looks like an awesome time with some cool people!

  7. Fun, fun, fun! That's what life's about. : )

  8. Rick,
    Thanks for taking all the priceless videos this past weekend! I can hold the "boys gone wild" video over El Jefe's head for years to come! I mean, come on, really? What possesses a 36 and a 45 year old to do that? Oh right, ME! Ha ha ha...just kidding! The weekend was full of good times and glad you were there to be a part of it!

  9. That looks like it was a great adventure! I love the team logo :) All those videos are really wonderful and capture the fun spirit of the event!