Saturday, August 30, 2008


I just wanted to add. My hats off to the folks who go off exploring in places such as the Tetons and the agencies and organizations that make such adventures possible. This country has so many beautiful places that beg to be explored and enjoyed but they are also rugged and dangerous. As I've told my friends, 100-mile races are safer than these back country adventures. In races there's a good number of people who know you're out there and will come looking when you don't show up. There are other runners who would aid you in an emergency and aid stations all along the course where you can pull out of the race if necessary.

At the Ohlone 50k this year, a runner had passed out on the course because of heat exhaustion. His fellow runners quickly rendered aid and shielded him from the sun. The emergency call was made and a helicopter airlifted him out of the course. According to the family (sister in law goes to my church) the quick response saved his life. He had vomited before he passed out and some of it had come back. It blocked his airway momentarily, shutting down the oxygen to his brain, it also messed up his lungs causing pneumonia. He recovered and owes his life to his fellow runners and volunteers besides the medical personnel at Stanford. Out there in a place like the Tetons, you can hurt yourself and be a long way, a long wait for help. Imagine the manpower to walk someone out of those rocky fields. I don't even know where a helicopter could land there if someone needed to be airlifted. I guess it doesn't land, just hovers. I should ask my friend Greg, he's a Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot. He was transferred to Florida before Katrina hit and was sent to New Orleans to help with the operations there after the hurricane...but I digress.

What I'm saying is, thank God for these wonderfully natural places in our country. Kudos to those who go out and explore the outdoors. This includes all you cyclists too:) And lastly, thank you to the organizations that make it possible and who save our butts when we get into trouble cause really it can happen to the best of us. Meghan, Mike and Sarah all work for the National Park Service up in Yellowstone and I got a very small peep at what goes on behind the scenes so to speak. They help protect the environment and save lives and I was fortunate, blessed really, to have been out with experienced guides. I spent a part of my time reading their reactions to our environment while we were on that hike. If a situation made them nervous, like a steep, slick and icy snow field, I took note and followed their lead.

Anyway starting to ramble now so I should go. San Francisco has been blessed with good weather all week, it's our summer so I think it's here to stay for awhile. It's great here end of August till October. Foggy mornings, hot afternoons where I live. Run then hangout. Ran already, hungout already and now I'm going back out. Hope ya'll have a great holiday weekend. Staying off my bike because the roads will be choked with extra traffic, on bike and cars. Just gonna run and run some more.

DSCN0220Ranger Sarah, keeping us tourists at a safe viewing distance from a large Grizzly bear. Unfortunately she also had to do some traffic control when people started parking in the middle of the road:) Really? City driving, we do that a lot here in our city.


  1. Good point Rick!! I am thankful to those that do these services for us!

  2. Very nicely said, Rick. I am glad there are people out there being good stewards of the earth, and who are helping to keep people safe while educating them about the surrounding wild environment. You also have to appreciate folks who do their jobs not because of monetary gain, but because they are passionate about what they do. That says a lot about a person!

    Great post!

  3. Awesome post, homie!! ;D ;D

  4. Rick,

    I'm going to have to direct Sarah over here so she can see herself online. I'm sure she's going to laugh being the moderate Luddite that she is!

    Thanks for this nice post and, yes, I agree, hats off to everyone who works in this line of work!


  5. j~mom: It's comforting to know that they are out there.

    jean: Yeah you know all this trail running has opened my eyes to the wonderful outdoors and the people that make it possible. makes me want to go out and volunteer so more.

    marcy: Thanks chica!

    meghan: I hope sarah is not too embarrassed. I really enjoyed my time with her and Mike at the Grand Tetons hike. Good people.