Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Finish at the Quad Dipsea

Spectacular day at the Quad Dipsea race yesterday. Good weather, great turnout. I had a good race, a personal best taking 35 minutes off of my previous best time. Here's a couple of videos that my cousin Bing took. The first one is of the race start, you get to see the front runners all the way to the back of the pack. The second one is of me coming through the halfway point. Third and last is of me finishing. Check out that finishing time!

No results up yet, but I'll have that, a race report and pictures coming up next.


  1. Great job on getting a new PR ! Can't wait to see the pics and your report.

  2. lol "you going to Disney World" haha classic!

    awesome finishing video Rick you were flying in...

    Congrats on that PR I said last night when we spoke you friggin' had a fantastic 08' race season...way to go!!

  3. Wow! That's great Rick. What an awesome job -- coming in under five hours. Congratulations!

  4. =:-O

    35 minutes PR and another wall gone.


  5. HOLY!! CONGRATS homie! A most excellent job, as usual ;-)

  6. Awesome job, Rick!

  7. Rick-

    Just glad we didn't have to do the whole urine sample thing.

    Another fine race, well done.

    Will G.

  8. Tony: Collecting pictures from different sources at the moment, I'll put them up as soon as I can. It was a good day.

    Bob: It's been the best year yet. Now I hope I can close it out gracefully with the Northface 50-miler next week.

    Jo Lynn: Woof it was tough but I'm pretty stoked I got it done. Good to see you out there. We couldn't have done it without you fine volunteers. Service with a smile too.

    Luciano: Thanks, the difference was coming into this race trained, motivated and with my weight down, just like in the summer races. It worked.

    Marcy: Chica so far so good!

    PJ: Danka, danka. I try. I've been blessed so far this year.

    Will: Nah, just the legal drugs; nsaids, caffeine and sugar. You had a fine race, way to come back from injury to whoop some ass yesterday. Good luck to your remaining races for the year.

  9. Wow, Rick, what a great time on a very tough course. I would have loved to see you out there, you must have been flying. Way to go! You must be so stoked! Are you going to join us on the Pt. Reyes to GG run? I hope so.

  10. Great race on Saturday Rick! Hope you keep on rolling at the North Face 50:)


  11. Amazing race Rick! Pretty soon we will not blog at all and just throw videos up!

  12. smoking awesome run, Rick. absolutely smoking to take that much time off your PR. what is, a super warm up for TNF 50 miler next week? who are YOU? 4:59. wow. WOW.

  13. Congrats on the PR...Get the race report out...that's what your fan base wants...the nitty gritty get'r dun!

  14. Great job on the PR. Injoyed the videos

  15. Holy cow - a 35-minute PR?! I thought you were fast last year. That's awesome. Sub-5 hours is icing on the cake.

    Congrats on a super-strong race year, and I'm officially afraid of you in 2009.

  16. Nice job-- very inspiring!

  17. Rick, that is incredible, and what a finish! I loved the sprint to the finish in the video! Way to bring it home, and way to take so much time off you your PR. You have had an amazing year! Keep up the great work.

    I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  18. Kelly: Thanks lady, seeing Susanna out and other mutual friends made me think of you. I will surely try to do the Pt. Reyes run.

    Sean: Way impressed with your performance man, way impressed. You looked good out there. I'll do the ice baths and see if I can at least hang with the mid pack for Northface. No big expectations.

    J~Mom: Well the videos add spice but a still shot with our goofy faces on it will always be precious and as of right now, of a higher quality.

    Sammy: I'm just healthier, lighter and well trained this year. The best shape out of all the years I've done it. See you at TNF50! I think I'm going to lose this bet though.

    Dave.: Working on it, hustling like a man under the gun for a fast time.

    Eric: I'm glad you liked them. Thanks.

    Donald: Why do I get the feeling you are training hard so you can smoke me again on our next meeting you sandbagger extraordinaire you! Looking forward to sharing some races in the Spring while you are training for WS100.

    Victoria: Thanks lady. I'm trying.

    Jean: Indeed I had a great Thanksgiving. Too much imbibing of the wine though, that part was not good. I hope yours was good too.

  19. Holy molly! I am at a loss. Congratulations!

  20. And, I believe, you ran even splits 4 times???

  21. What a great day. Congrats on such a stellar run, Rick! :-)