Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Excellent Full Moon Night

It's warmed up again here in San Francisco despite it being dark by 5pm now. I don't know what's going on but I'm not complaining. I posted my evening run on the triathlon club calendar and I had three takers and it turned out to be an amazing night. My run was just okay but everything else was phenomenal. No fog, no wind, clear skies and a full moon, if you've been here you know what a huge blessing that is. Got to catch up with these three friends and there was no need for lights, many runners were out doing the same thing. We made it all the way to Fort Point which is underneath the Golden Gate bridge on the San Francisco side and there illuminated by bridge and moonlight were two surfers catching waves, their moving silhouettes being followed by the bright white foam from the chasing surf. It was quite a sight. We were there for a good 10 minutes watching these guys paddle out and catch waves with the lights of the city just beyond them calling us back. I could have stayed there for 10 more. With Julia and Lara getting hungrier by the mile as we headed back we planned for a meal afterwards. Picked a place with outdoor seating and chomped away, a little food to go with our conversation.

I know it won't be a full moon come Javelina this weekend but I think it'll still be pretty bright. I'll be crewing for Bob and Anthony, along with J~Mom, Dusty and a couple more folks I have yet to meet. Then I'll be pacing Anthony from 60 miles onward. He's got some big goals for this run and I hope I can help him achieve them. I will certainly do my best - my main big job for the weekend. The 40 miles will be a perfect last long run in preparation for my last two races. It will be flat but it'll be okay, I've been running the hills of Mt. Tam the last two weekends. It will be at night which I love anyway and I'll get to see all the costumed runners including some good friends from the bay area also participating in the race.

I'll leave you with some pictures from my birthday celebration. Next up, fun pics from Javelina. Cross your fingers with me!



  1. Aren't those full moon nights beautiful?

    Rick, have fun pacing at the Javelina! Sounds like a great group that you will be crewing with. I look forward to the report and pictures.


  2. OHhhhhh B-Day celebrations looks very nice ;-) Ahhhh the life. Couple drinkys surrounded by a bunch of good lookin peeps ;-)

    Ohhhhh you know I can't wait to see these Javelina pics! LOL

  3. Have a great time pacing! I know from experience that you'll do an excellent job.

  4. Rick. Where are the pictures of you? Have a great time this weekend in AZ. Kick Bob's ass around a little bit and try not to run more than 50 miles.

  5. You show 'em how it's done! And have fun too!

  6. It's going to be a great day tomorrow!!

  7. I finished a run under the full moon this week too, and it was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't have a light and I was on trail, so every time the path moved into the trees I had to walk because I lost the moonlight, but it was such a beautiful adventure regardless! Love the moonlight runs!
    Hey, looks like we will be on the WS starting line together in 2011! :) Looking forward to sharing another 100 with you, even if it's over 2 years away!

  8. I can't wait to see your pictures this weekend. It was so great meeting you. (This is Paulette, by the way,).