Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Here

Still in Arizona, waiting at the airport. Anthony should be on his way back to New York and Bob back to Florida. This is the part I hate the most, the waiting and slow trip home. I'm writing my report and leaving funny comments on people's blogs. It was a great weekend. I met a lot of new people and finally got to meet J~Mom in person. The first time and last time I was here was to run the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim, that and our 2 hours in Flagstaff was my only experience with Arizona - glad to have added to that this weekend. This time we were in Mc Dowell Mountain Park, a mere hour away from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and the location of Javelina Jundred. A beautiful place to run at night. In the 4 days I've been here I've experienced two sunsets and one sunrise (out on the course with Tony). Freakin beautiful!!! Those of you who know me well know how I love my coastal and mountain trails, my trees, fog and rain but these views also took my breath away. The sky was so clear, the temperatures this time of the year is not too hot for this San Franciscan and the light on the mountains from the rising or fading sun was spectacular.

I can see myself participating in this race in the future. The loop course is not as flat as I thought it would be and race management worked hard to make this a special experience for everyone. The locals are friendly, they don't bite and will share their fire with you if you are nice in return. J~Mom and the East Side Cool Kids Triathlon Club rocks.

I crewed, paced, socialized my way through this weekend. I'm tired, a bit loopy and ready for home and my own bed. I'm not proud to say that I've out eaten both Tony and Bob despite having only completed 40 miles of the course pacing while both successfully finished the 100-mile event. I even injured myself to the point that I looked worse than Tony when we finished. I looked like the runner and Tony the pacer. It's fine now, for the most part but I was limping around after the race. I have lots of pictures, some funny videos and a volunteer report to come. Ya'll have to give me a couple of days however. I laugh now as I remember some of the high points and even the low points don't seem so bad now.

Okay one more bathroom stop before boarding.

Made it home safe, tired, happy and sorry the event had to come to an end. Had such a great time I'm thinking of participating in the race myself next year. Look at what was waiting for me in the mail. Quad here I come. PS the volunteer report make take a little while. I've been chatting it up with my new Arizona friends on Facebook:)



  1. I hope your flight home goes well! What a great weekend! Take care of that leg! I can't wait for the next ultra weekend that we all get to spend together!

  2. YAY!! I just read Lisa's post! Sounds like an amazing time homie! Lordy, I can ONLY imagine what's on that vid :P

  3. So what's our next ultra?

  4. Nice work, Rick. I'm amazed at your sphere of influence out there in the ultra world. I better book you for the holidays for next year.

  5. Great job! Glad some of the other ESCKTC were able to be out there to support and represent! I would have been but had stuff going on. sorry :(

  6. Excellent job, Rick, and glad to hear you made it home safe. Sounds like it was quite an adventure, and I am sure the guys you were pacing for appreciated your help. Way to go!

    This brings back memories; way back when I was much younger, I lived in Fountain Hills for a winter and drove past McDowell Mountain Park every day to my job at the Rio Verde golf course! I saw many an Arizona sunset. They are hard to put into words. Beautiful country!

  7. You didn't think I would have quiet friends did you? ;>)

  8. I heard complains over the phone, and the you didn't pick up when I called back - were you scared to face the truth and mama's beating?? How could you leave a poor baby behind while running away in the middle of the night full of coyotes, cacti and javelins? Bad, bad Rick, making fun of broken bodies and souls...
    Dude, totally rocked! One day I'll make a trip, and as Tony promised - going for best a%& costume!

  9. J~Mom: I can't wait for the next one either. Your friends are way cool and some of them are my friends now too. Much thanks. I'm glad you had fun out there and everything worked out.

    Marcy: We need to get you in on the next one. You would have so much fun.

    PJ: Come do San Diego 100 with me, I'm also thinking of Vermont 100, Hundred in the Hood and Javelina.

    Mike: Haha, nice. Naw it's more like sphere of friendship. As you know runners are cool people, you can't help but make more friends in these events.

    Stephen: Thanks for stopping by. Your people took care good care of us, such hospitality.

    Jean: Now we have one place in common. I know exactly where Fountain Hills is, I was there a lot for food and supplies.

    Olga: You called back? I must have passed out while you were talking to Bob and Tony. Poor baby? Are you serious hahaha he's a grown man and he ain't slow either. Actually I thought he was kidding when he said he was scared of the dark. Awww pshttt he was fine, just a little tough love ultra style. It's what happens when you have a pacer who doesn't use pacers:) Anyway Tony's tough and doesn't frustrate easily, I'm impressed with his patience and composure.

    You and me, let's go do this race in 09!

  10. Thanks for a fun 40 miles....and for not leaving me alone in the dark !

  11. Hey Rick - so cool to meet you. I thought we'd have more time to visit and get to know each other until I was jumping out on the course a bit earlier than expected. Lots of fun! Hope to see you again!

    I didn't realize you were hurt - I was still out on the course. Hope you are 100% soon!

  12. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I was planning on running the Quad Dipsea until my IT issue. I'm super duper jealous. Next year. That's what's so nice about ultras -- they happen every year. You're a lucky bum!

  13. Good luck at the Quad, Rick. I expect great things from you there. You will be smokin hot on those trails. Have a great day out on the Dipsea. Don't eat too much on Turkey Day!