Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Animal Behavior

We are animals. I didn't leave for my run until 8:30 this evening because I was buried in work, still buried, but I finally managed to get out for a bit. A beautiful cool night. The last two miles is mostly uphill back to my apartment in downtown. I came upon a runner who was walking, looking exhausted. Hearing me come up behind him, he looks back and takes off. Without thinking about it I shot out after him. Like a predatory animal I chased, mmm prey. When I passed him I said hello and we had the nicest conversation. As he started to fall back we exchanged names and bid each other a good night. Five blocks later I met up with his friend who was waiting for him. We had a quick laugh about him lagging behind. Chasing and socializing on a nice Wednesday night. Now I can get back to my work with renewed vigor.

I'm still working on my volunteer report, just super busy with work now. I came home to several projects ready to start. It was really slow and now it's really busy. All good things, I'm thankful to have work.


  1. How's the leg doing ?

  2. Running is so primal, isn't it?...when I am doing speed work on the track, I have to make myself not catch the next runner...then the next runner....totally messing up the interval work.

  3. Why is it they always want to run away like a big baby when someone comes from behind? :P

  4. What's wrong with the leg?
    I ran 6 hilly miles this morning, and I am sore! Man, so much work to get back...

  5. haha - I always end up racing randoms while out for an easy jog - keeps it entertaining. :)

    Is your leg all better?

    I keep finding clothes from the trip that smell like the camp fire. haha!

  6. It's so great to get to talk to someone while running at night, even if briefly. I am so scared of the bogeyman...

  7. Tony: Leg is doing awesome. I can't believe I hurt it pacing. Thanks for "pacing" me on the last loop:)

    Dave: Oh man, the track. I love those track workouts where we are working out with the other club. I've gotten to know some of the folks from the other tri-club and we cheer each other on.

    Marcy: I know I know, must be pride or they remember that they are slacking and need to push. I'm ok being someone else's motivation.

    Olga: Hurt the leg pacing, @#$&*!!. If you were here I would book you for a massage.

    Dusty: Yeah it is fun. I'd like to point out that the last time this happened I was the one who got dusted. I came behind someone on a light, he took off, I closed, he surged again, I closed, the he surged for good. Leaving me winded in an intersection. We will meet again, tall skinny runner with the crew cut. Somewhere sometime you will be recovering from a hard run or race and I will dust you:)

    Love my firewood smelling clothes.

    PJ: What up lady? Well the running here is so city like but still a good idea to have company especially with the women at night. It's the two legged talking animal that's dangerous here, especially the ones driving.

  8. Oh, does this sound familiar. I've been doing exclusively low heart rate running for the past few weeks and it's so hard to not take off after someone when I see them. I just keep telling myself that I can do that in January. Hope the legs is getting better. Just seems like last week when I was hanging out at your place and in your hood. Such an awesome location!