Wednesday, November 19, 2008

News Flash

From Tropical John, RD Quad Dipsea

Quad Dipsea Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are still needed at the 26th annual Quad Dipsea on Saturday, Nov. 29. We still have slots available for traffic monitors, aid station volunteers, and post-race clean-up folks. Come help your fellow runners totally abuse themselves, and get some cool swag in the process. (volunteers at Quad get the same stuff as the runners do)

Let us know what your availability is:
8 a.m. to noon, noon to 5 p.m., all day or Sunday morning (post-race clean up)
Contact me if you can help out.

Aloha, Tropical John (RD):


  1. Ah man I wish I could! :>)

  2. I'll be volunteering at 9 Trails, or I'd be out there...

  3. That would be fun, but it is a cople of hours flight, and the peso's are low.

  4. I contacted John. He says he'd love to put me to work. Hopefully I'll be out there lending a hand and cheering you on. ;)

  5. J~Mom: Ah how I wish the AZ crew was here to cheer us on!

    Victoria: I hate that 9 Trails is on the same day. I had actually thought it was on a Sunday and devised a plan for doing both in the future. Alas, not to be. When I get my 10 finishes at Quad, I'll do 9 Trails. Hopefully one day.

    Marathoner in Training: I know, if only we were all rich.

    Jo Lynn: So glad you can come out. If you can't run then you volunteer. It will be fun to see you out there. I know it will be hard because you will wish you could run but hopefully it would still be enjoyable. The ultra community is like a fire, come over and "warm" yourself!:)