Sunday, November 23, 2008



Thanks to the race organization for putting on an excellent event. There were a couple of hiccups but I thought overall it was a great event. The schwag bag runners got was filled with goodies customized with the race logo: Moeben arm sleeves, bandana, long sleeve technical shirt and a water bottle. The buckle is quite nice too. Bob I wouldn't frame it, I would wear it but it is your first one.

Much thanks to George Velasco and Leigh Corbin who let us set up our site in front of their tent. George had come prepared, besides the tent he had a cot, 2 folding chairs and a lamp for the evening/morning hours. They welcomed other runners and their crew who set up wih us. George it was very good to see you again, it's been too long. The last time I saw George was when he crewed and I paced for Olga at Rio del Lago back in 2006.

A huge shout out to J~Mom and her posse, the East Side Cool Kids Triathlon Club. They came out in force to support their superstar runner, Paulette, who was running her first 100-miler. They had their own tent with about a dozen people in attendance. Paulette had a small army, changing, feeding and pacing her. We were welcome in their festivities and at night a place by their fire. When a friend of ours needed a pacer they provided one of their own. Congratulations Paulette and ESCK Triathlon for your amazing accomplishment.

Much kudos to Dusty and J~Mom for crewing and pacing Bob. He couldn't have done it without you guys.

Good fun hanging with Eric Burr, Brian Gaines and the other volunteers working the event. No event without volunteers! Eric would later pace Leigh Corbin after working all day.

Lastly thanks Anthony for a great time out there. I'm glad I came out to crew and pace. Congratulations on another 100-mile finish. Through you I met Chris, Susan and Lori and now I'm thinking of heading East to run with you guys in 09. I'm thinking Vermont 100-mile. I had such a great time I'm thinking of coming back to Javelina and seeing you guys in Vermont.

You'd think I placed in this race or even ran it the way I'm going on. Nope neither, just hella had a freakin good time.


  1. Kudos to Rick for being such a generous guy!! I am so glad I met you in blogland! You have been nothing but giving to all that know you. :>)

  2. Double kudos to you for everything you did to not only help me, but other runners as well. You are always welcome out East, and you have a place to stay with me and my family anytime.