Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sad Sad Night

So two storms rolled in the Bay Area the last two days. The first one Monday brought wind, heavy rain and even hail. A hill even gave way in North Beach, 7 buildings were condemned and evacuated.The newscast said the next one was going to hit Tuesday during the evening commute, right during Track.

Naturally when I got there there were only a handful of people, by the time we finished warm ups we've grown to a dozen. Coach was missing so I called JP and Janet for his cell number. Apparently there was some kind of emergency and he had been trying to get a hold of me. Got the workout, briefed the runners and off we went, a quarter of our normal size. Everything went smoothly. This would have been okay, considering the weather and all and had it been the same for the other triathlon club in attendance. Not so. Attendance for these guys were normal and they even ran a longer work out. Not that I'm all competitive or anything...okay so I am. So what's different with their track members? How come they were out? Are they just more driven or do our members just have more resources available to work around the weather issue? For example on wet Saturdays we have the option of getting a spin in at Coach M2's studio. One good thing, the rain stopped as I was making my way to the track it stayed dry during the whole workout. It turned out to be a nice night after all.


  1. Try track workouts in wet windy OR...somehow those Red Lizards still get over 20 people show up every Tuesday. And miraculously, while running the most of it, the rain gets less annoying:)

  2. Yeah, send em up to Oregon for awhile and they won't let a little storm keep them home. But glad you ended up with a nice night.

    All I need is a child-minder and I'll certainly run Firetrails too! : )