Thursday, March 01, 2007

Crazy Europeans

An 8-mile race. Military training course meets Muddy Buddy on steroids. Check out the ESPN web article, nicely designed site complete with video and great pictures. The scariest part was too muddy men in thongs, at least the attached race numbers covered their butts, oh wait it didn't.

Thanks to Sherpa John Lacroix from the ultralist for the link.

An excerpt from the ESPN article:
"I was pissed in a pub and got talked into it," a thonged man named Chris explains through chattering teeth. "And then none of us had the sense to back out."


  1. OK, that was an absolutely insane event. It makes me feel completely inadequate because I tiptoed through a couple of slushy spots this morning! :)

    Thanks for passing that along, Rick, that was great!

  2. You and Me Jean. I felt inadequate watching it. I've stopped working on the upper body, I don't know if I could do all the rope course stuff, climbing over logs and walls. Tonight at Spin I even noticed the women had better looking arms than I did...ahahahaha damn that video.

  3. Hey Rick long time reader. I enjoy your ultra running blog.

    Did I read that right, fire pits and crazy barb wire obstacles? I may be crazy but that sort of looks like fun. It makes all the mud we have here in the Northeast look like puddles.

  4. Hey Ryan. Thanks for stopping by. Yes I you read right, don't forget about the electrified tape and iced over puddles and water tunnels. Well apparently a lot of people also think it's fun. A future visit in the UK coinciding with the date of this race for you?:)

  5. Muddy men in thongs is enough to keep me away.