Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank God for Monday

Wow that was some weekend! From Friday noon ending today at 2PM with the completion of my deadline. It has been one crazy busy time. Just had way too much going on. Got most of it done though; projects, chores, spending time with friends, church, run director dutes, club events, training, groceries, laundry, etc, etc, etc. The project though, shouldn't have been that difficult. It's hard to get things done when you have no ideas or keep coming up with the same old ideas and solutions:) But I kept banging away at it. At first it was like trying to cut wood with a spoon but thankfully once I got going things moved a lot faster. Looking forward to a full nights sleep tonight, it will be the first in 3 days. I've been averaging 4 hours a night. Feels great to be on this end just in time for Monday. Speaking of work, it was slow now it's crazy. Freelancing...crazy, slow, crazy, slow. This morning I already had to turn away my first project but I did hesitate for a much more sleep can afford not to take? This time I erred on the side of rest. Time to seal all the good training with some rest.

Got pics from an excellent long run this past Sunday. A sweet run, it was three separate runs pieced together. I started at 5:30AM running solo on the San Francisco side, picking up two buddies at 7:30AM for the crossover to Marin and then leading the clubs kick-off trail run at 9AM where we had about 35-40 people. Despite the forecast of rain people showed up. It was supposed to rain throughout the day just like Saturday. I had plastic protected everything, literally. I had 20 marked maps in ziplock bags, phone, camera, iShuffle in a ziplock bag. Extra clothing, energy drink powders in a trash bag. All this in my Camelback that was of course heavier than usual. After all that prep it didn't rain, of course. Not only did it not rain but it got sunnier as the day progressed. Got 5 hours done. Not enough though, I need to leave an hour earlier for next time.

Great run, more stories and images to come.


  1. Wow, Monday deadlines are tough. I hate it when things come due right at the start of the week!

    Sounds like you did get in a great run on what was a very nice day. Here is hoping you can finally get some good rest after a crazy weekend!

  2. I hope you are sleeping now. : ) 4 hours of sleep is not much. My bare minimum is 6. Less than that and can't function. Nice job fitting in your run on Sunday. Now rest up! : )

  3. Got to love DEADLINES--ahhhh FUN :-) hope u got some rest Bro

  4. Squirt6:44 PM

    Dude, you know how you said not too long ago work was slow and then all of a sudden it got crazy...well, now that I think of it-I've had a similar schedule.
    Haven't worked for Kt's Aunt for like a few weeks then yesterday and today I worked =] And it seems that way with school too. Funny how that works, huh? I got to listen to Landon Pigg's CD today-I like it. I guess I'll take it one CD at a time/a day. Talk to you later, we're having a late dinner together (yes, a sit down dinner!!)
    Too bad you weren't here to eat good food with us :(