Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Night Recovery Run

Wow that was one slowww run. Last night was another goodnight at Spin. I almost always have good nights at Spin. Last night hopped on the treadmill right off the bike and had an excellent 5k run which had a little bit of everything; accelerations, sprints, climbs and a slow recovery walk in the end. Then I hopped on the swim machines and cranked it up, my core today can attest to my over exuberance last night. Nothing strained but sore. I have a 6+ mile recovery route that I usually do in an easy 55-56 minutes, that includes all the stoplighs along the way. Tonight, a whooping 1:05. Wasn't even raining, I was between showers. What was I doing out there? 1:05? Well day dreaming for one. I was thinking about the trail run on Sunday. Sa'll good. Just a recovery run.


  1. What up Slowster--Haha, mush be the inn and out burgers :-)

    I ran 2 hours this evening and just had a nice smoothie afterwards...

    I didn't eat ANY solid foods today,because yesterday I ate too much and pissed me off ahhhh.

    Large glass of OJ & grapefruit JUICED in the AM, then APPLES, Carrots and Sweet Potato JUICE about 35 minutes before my RUN and then Tonight a TALL Smoothie, whey protein, soy milk, ICe , bananas Strawberries and Blueberries...YUMMY!!

    Please HELP me I am turning into Jack LaLanne...gonna lIVE to 120--haha GEESH I hope not, 70-75 is fine then off to eternity :-)

    Good Nightttttttttttttt


  2. Bob I think even Jack Lalanne eats solid food. Jeez how do you live on that. Don't get me wrong I'd drink that stuff but with a sandwich.

  3. lol okkkkkk I am gonna eat some solid food today, maybe... OK I will :-)