Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do You Know That Dean Guy?

New club member Tina, cranking away. Look at that smile.

So the backyard shot was Sunday. My usual pre-run before leading the club Sunday trail run at 9AM. I don't have to do everything, delegating is not a problem but I've been too busy to organize trail run leaders. Besides, J.P. and Janet has been coming to the trail runs, both of them, especially J.P., is like having another trail run leader in the group to share the task with me. Anyway we've just started the trail runs but new folks are already starting to ask questions about my running. Something about showing up for the run already soaked, salty and GU stained and in the case of last weekend, with muddy legs and shoes and out of breath (i)(Kelvin and J.P., who pre-ran with me, pulled away on the last 200yds. at Rodeo Beach and I chased like a dog after a car). I never caught them but I was a sight coming into the parking lot. I think I'm missing the trick in sand running.

A Conversation From Last Sunday's Trail Run
runner: So where did you come from this morning, you already ran it looks like?
me: Well I pre-ran the course in the Presidio this morning because the last time I did this particular course was 2 years ago and I didn't want to lead anybody astray today. I did end up getting lost this morning so it turned out to be an excellent idea. Then I crossed the bridge for some running in the Headlands before coming back and meeting up with you guys in the Presidio Sports Basement. I needed 5-6 hours today.
runner: Oh? What are you training for that you have to log so many miles
me: A 50-miler in May
runner: Wow that's a long way
me: oh and a 100-miler in June
runner: really, oh do you know that guy...ultra guy from here?
me: You mean Dean Karnazes?
runner: Yeah that's him, ever done Western States?
me: uh yeah, he's a nice guy and yes on Western (grimacing, haven't forgotten the blisters)

I actually don't like talking ultra unless I actually know people are genuinely interested or are ultra runners themselves. I won't go out of my way to talk about it but I won't hide it either. Main reason why I've started wearing my race shirts to club workouts. If a person feels intimidated by my Quad Dipsea or my Western States 100 shirt, that's their problem. It's likea being a Christian in San Francisco. I don't preach to all my friends but I won't hide it either. I can't hide who I am. If someone is uncomfortable hanging with me because of my beliefs then that's their problem. Anyway that night I dreamt of Dean Karnazes. I was at a run, he came out shook hands, shook my hand and we chatted a little bit. I actually like Dean, I've met him a few times and he's been nice on the trails. He was the first thing on my mind when I got up Monday morning. However, as great as Dean is there are other things I'd like to dream about:) Oh I don't know; pretty trail running women, new trail shoes, food! and maybe a new shiny carbon road bike in club colors just to name a few.

This weekend we are back in the Marin Headlands but I need to find a trail that is not too hilly that is at least 6 miles long to a max of at least 10. Complying with the request by a few runners to pick "not so hilly" routes, at least for the remainder of February. Wish me luck! That's like trying to find a hill in Orlando, Florida. No more Mr. nice run lead though come March. I can only hold back for so long.


  1. Sheesh, Dean came before pretty women on trails!!
    OK, whatever. Just keep getting your 5-6 hrs in, and if Dean is the one who pushes you out the doorr, I guess go with it.
    Just kidding:)

  2. Now you know why I was home on Valentine's Day...oops did I just let that out. Oh well, turned out to be the most relaxing evening of the week. Sunday evening would have been except that I just passed out in front the tube.

  3. Great post, Rick.

    And here is to dreaming about pretty trail running women! :)