Sunday, February 04, 2007

You Can Have Your 13-Miles!

Headlands 2.5.07
Jason and Stephen, a breather at the top of a ridge. Tennessee Valley in the background. Muir Beach and Point Reyes in the distance. Click Here for more images.

I'm sorry that I told people I was running the San Francisco Kaiser Half-Marathon and then flaking on them. I am not sorry that I spent 5 hours running somewhere else instead, 3+ hours of it in the Marin Headlands (Finally!) with a couple of buddies (Jason + Stephen).

Alarm was set early (5:20AM)and I hit the 5 minute snooze button 5 times before I came to my senses. I'm getting used to these early morning starts on Sundays, they pretty much will be the norm for the whole year. I hate to admit it but I'm starting to like it. I hate getting up but once I'm up. Yeah, crazy. I like being out running when the sun is coming up and I especially like being done before lunchtime. Kind of nice. This will only be once a week though, let's not go crazy. Now if I can only go to bed at a decent time.

Left the house a quarter past 6 and I made my way to the bridge. At 10 past 7 I met up with Jason and Stephen at a gravel lot by the Golden Gate Bridge. It was nice. A little hazy but not cold and only slight winds. We stayed around the valley of Rodeo Beach, Miwok 100k and Marin Headlands 50k runners would know what I'm talking about. In fact we incorporated the last 2 miles of the Miwok 100k race on our route; Miwok to Wolf Ridge to the top of the ridge, then down the single track trail filled with loose rock to the steps, then onto the old asphalt road down, down, more trail, then to the parking lot of Rodeo Beach which is the start and finish of both races. We took that section fast. Jason took the lead and just blazed down the trail. I tried to follow, skidding around switchbacks, kicking up rocks and dust, almost taking a head dive on the stairs but Jason was gone and once he hit the old asphalt road he increased his turnover and stretched out those long legs of his. Never caught him.

At Rodeo Beach we replenished water bottles and made our way home. It was good catching up with the guys since we rarely run together now. Jason's busy with work and he just got a place. Stephen is also busy with work and he and his wife is expecting their first baby in May. After I dropped them off at the parking lot and I made my way home via Crissy Field. There's a nice gravel topped road by the water that I like to run on. By this time folks were out in droves. Glad to see so many people outside. I'm sure it will dwindle to a small crowd once the Super Bowl starts.

A decent 5 hour run. Planned on 6 but I was done once I crossed the bridge back to San Francisco, I just had enough to make it back home. Not bad considering I biked hard for 3 hours yesterday. The bike on Saturdays is pushing me over the edge, I either have to shorten my long runs on Sunday or build my body up so I can do both, rides on Saturday and long runs on Sunday. Possible? Maybe. Last year in my training for WS I quit the bike. Ran long runs on Saturday and rested on Sundays. Not an option this year.

Well I better clean up. Hungry! I took some Endurox R4, my favorite recovery drink but now I'm thinking of a nice Subway Sandwich. It's a good thing I'm doing Sunday School again today, those 3-4 yr. olds will keep me awake. Our services are at 4PM, nice cause I can get my workout done bad cause there are Sundays when I'm just tired and exhausted. Today is definitely one of those days. If it was up to me there would be no lesson. Every Sunday I teach it would be "Rick's Sunday School Wrestling Hour". I wrestled in high school. I'm a lot rusty but I think I have few moves that could make a difference in the playground, don't think it will fly with management though. Too bad, for the moment our 3-4 yr. olds are boys, perfect for a little wrestling team...but I digress. I feel a lot better than last Sunday though. Today was a much longer and harder workout and besides being tired I feel fine. Last week I was barely walking. Body's adapting, nice to see.


  1. Hey...ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? : ) Sounds like a very enjoyable and productive morning!

    I hope the little 3-4 yr olds don't eat you alive. Consider it cross-training. ; )

  2. I always have a peace offering in my bag - Animal Cookies. Not too much sugar and they go crazy for it.

  3. Good Run Rick your on your way to GAME shape!!

  4. It's nice to hear Jason is back at it:) Say hi to those boys for me, make them register for Bighorn (I just did). We'll have a blast, as usual! Flying in Wed, I'll take care of the room booking. Billings or Casper?

  5. Billings or Casper, which is closer to the race? Printed my application, sending it today. Jason is most likely doing Bighorn with us. Don't know about Stephen, most likely he'll have to stay home and help with his new baby.

  6. Both 2 hr drive. Either. Once you decide (after looking at flights), I could book mine (I have miles on United), so we could arrange a car and room. talk to Jas, make him commit by buying a ticket:)

  7. Rick, beautiful pictures as always. Wow, those are some impressive trails!

    And it looks like it was a really nice day to run. All of Minnesota is envious of your weather right about now! :)

  8. Jean - Brrr....I bet. Our news says you guys have been below 0 for several days, as low as 42 below in parts of the state. Sounds painful.

  9. Nice workout Rick! An hour with kids can be just as exhausting sometimes. It's great of you to go in and take the time. It's always a rewarding feeling.