Sunday, February 25, 2007


This morning I had too much coffee right before my run. I had a cup of half decaf, half regular at home before leaving. I was supposed to pre-run the course with my friend Nicole but she ended up having to work, however she felt badly about bailing so she promised she would still give me a ride to Muir Beach. It was late enough, 6AM, that I accepted since I wasn't going to be ready by 7 and I needed to be at the parking lot at 9:30. Besides I only needed 3 hours of running today, thus the late start. So not only was she early but she also brought coffee, large with cream on the side. I had more of course. Along the way I decided that it would be better is she just dropped me off at the end of the bridge so I could just run to the meeting point. I get my pre-run in and I save her time. So off I went but not before finishing the whole cup. It was warm in the car, the coffee was good and the morning conversation was pleasant, next thing you know I had an empty cup in my hand.

As I was running I became very jittery and paranoid. I kept looking behind me and once I almost jumped out of my skin because I though a mountain lion was stalking me, turned out to be a tree stump. Instead of being at peace to be on a quiet trail at 7:30AM I was a mess. The rain didn't help, it made everything gloomy and foreboding. Massive Attack's 100th Window album on the iShuffle wasn't helping either, it was eerie and mood, yet I didn't feel compelled to change it. I felt like I was in a Stephen King novel. I kept looking back because I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being followed. My stomach started to feel funny too. It wasn't until an hour later when some it passed that I started to feel better. I already knew from the symptoms that I had to much caffeine but I couldn't do anything but ride it out. I must have weak coffee at home or that store bought stuff was something else.

By the time I started climbing the Coastal Trail up and out of Tennessee Valley I was already feeling better. By then the music changed to Hawaiian just as I was getting a view of Tennessee Beach. It had also stopped raining which allowed me to snap my iShuffle into one of my Camelback straps...ah control once again.

Sweet morning it turned out to be. I only had 6 people show up for the run but these guys came out to play. They kept remarking how beautiful the views were. My favorite..."so lucky we missed the rain". It was very nice and muddy to boot. Thankfully I got a ride home from Kevin. Ok now I need another cup...feeling very sleepy, tired, want to nap but must prepare for Sunday School. Must keep moving.....more coffee por favor, only one cup this time.


  1. Maybe that's why I am always so paranoid out on the trails. I am always jacked up on too much coffee. Glad it was just paranoia and not an actual mountain lion stalking you.

  2. Squirt =P5:07 PM

    The perks of coffee are what keeps me away from it and also the fact that I hate the taste =P

  3. lol go go go Coffeeeeeeeee go go go

    ya stick with the light stuff from Home... hey now you know to keep the coffee light before your trial runs...

    the other night I was running late and I thought I just stepped over a Friggin snake on the sidewalk by the woods.... freaked me out, I had to go look back at it, it was a cut piece of cable- dang it! I thought I had some skills to LEAP over a snake and not get bit--lol



  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    That is why I told you, it won't hurt to carry a pepper spray...a squirt in the eye would probably save anyone!don't laugh but the possibility of that beast is

  5. I agree with Mom, Rick get some pepper spray!

  6. ahaha oh no Bob not you too.

  7. I didn't know there was such a thing as too much coffee..... : )

  8. Caffeine is considered a food group, correct? :)