Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Backyard

Was just tightening up the shoe laces to get ready for the downhill when I saw the view. Too bad you can't see it because of the blown image.

It's not really but I'd like to think so. Just a mere 7.5 miles away. Nothing but a warm up on the weekends:)


  1. Nice backyard... pretty cool, I seen pools,swingsets sometimes I see Tennis courts or B-Ball courts or Ocean views but JEEZ you put in a "RUNNING TRAIL" in the middle of your backyard!!!! that is SO cool...

    ummm How long did it take the Landscaper to lay the dirt down and clear the area??? 7.5 miles is a long personal backyard running track...

    I would have put in a pool and just went maybe a 4 mile trail BUT made it into a LOOP around the pool---lolol

  2. Not bad! (I'm imagining the ocean, or the City, or the Golden Gate in the background) : )

  3. I'm trying to get my bearings....Where exactly was that picture taken?

  4. Steve - it was in the Marin Headlands, Coastal Trail heading West to Rodeo Beach

  5. I recongnize the backyard:) It is surely a nice one.

  6. What a cool picture! Rick, that is an awfully nice "backyard" to have at your disposal. Gorgeous country!