Thursday, February 01, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me


So I was tagged by Bob. I'm supposed to reveal 6 weird things about myself and then pass on to 6 other bloggers. I'm really not into chain games but I'll bite this time, kind of fun actually. However I won't forward to others - a compromise no?

I train for and run/race ultras. That makes me "weird" to alot of people. I've heard snide comments concerning my intelligence before and sadly one came from another athlete who should have known better. I should have gotten up and kicked his ass, why didn't I?...oh right it was a formal dinner and I would have only proven him right. Wasn't a good guy.

Seeing farm animals make me hungry especially cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, goats, dogs, hahaha kidding on the last one. Although I know what they taste like. Wasn't my fault I was tricked. I'm totally innocent. Ok I've said too much.

I like fuzzy animal slippers. Yes I know I'm a grown man. I was visiting a friend and her kids one time and stuck my feet in one of the kids new fuzzy slippers, they were way small but I was like "whoa, these are comfortable. How great would these be after races". So I got a pair. If you run you should be able to wear what you want, including but not limited to fuzzy slippers. I just try to remember not to pick up the mail with them on. I don't need to give people more ammunition.

I don't like heat in my apartment. If it's 40 degrees out, it will be 45-50 in my apartment. I had a friend over one time and she spent the majority of the evening on my couch buried in my down comforter and complaining about the temperature. Hasn't been back since. Note to self: some girls like heat.

I used to iron my underwear. I stopped when my girlfriend at the time laughed at me. I still have the urge but I stop myself, I want to be normal. So now I crumple them all up and shove them in a shelf in my closet. They are either ironed or unceremoniously shoved in a corner, theres no folding in this household.

I don't like crying. I don't like doing it and I don't like seeing it, yet I always get suckered by the TV and movie dramas. Once I even shed a tear on a Star Trek episode. True, True. Sometimes I just don't know about me.

So there, oh there were more but I'll stick to the limit.


  1. LOLOL First of all GREAT Pic ... I just snagged it for my file :-)

    You are WEIRD Bro, haha ... What is so great about this ... YOU ASK anyone to write SIX weird things about themselves, We will find out IF they are truthful is we all are WEIRD, so I guess we are COMMON... You have to READ Lisa B's post on WEIRD, it is awesome, that girl is funny and WEIRD. I love my WEIRDO Friends!!!

    ahhha funny about the animals and the NO heat, My place doesn't even have HEAT ...hardly NO places in FL do.

    Thanks Rick for playing along good post, you can pick ONE person--hehe


  2. OK, when I come over to stay in SF, I better get to Jason's place? Because I am one of those girls who loves heat. I might break a thermostat in your appt.
    And for crying - man, how did you survive last 6 miles of RDL with me? Could have yelled at me or something:) I feel bad now.
    Running ultras is not weird though. Calling it weird is weird. And I am all for fuzzy sleepers after the race!!!

  3. You wear fuzzy slippers and iron your undies because you need to turn up that heat in your apt! : )

  4. hahaha Olga I knew you'd comment on the crying. I didn't mind so much at RDL, I think it's cause you warned me before hand. 100 milers are so hard, do whatever gets you to the finish. Besides, it's not normal for people to not want to cry.

  5. .....and people say I'mweird !

    ( just kidding)

  6. P.S. I cried in my first 50-miler, my first year in ultra. At 40 miles I was running and praying then I just broke down. It was an overwhelming feeling of appreciation and thanks to be doing what I was doing. Plus I couldn't believe I was going to finish my first 50-miler.

  7. I cry when someone makes me eat fooood -lol

    whatever, It's not that I dislike food I just don't get excited about it, kinda like a brushing my teethe, taking a shower or making a #2 :-)

    Part of my day UNLESS I am on a fast--LOL

    OK I am a WEIRDO so what, I am still gonna post comments on FOOD lovers blogs like yourself and here's why, Cuz I can--ahhahahhaaa

    EAT ...Ummm well :-)

  8. Two major crying incidents both happened at VT100. First time when I paced Nick Palazzo on his 10th run of the event and pushed him to PR and break 22 hrs. It was beautiful...Second was when I finished it under 24 while thinking to quit the whole way - it seemed it shouldn't have happened, I don't think I ever had such a bad feeling in a 100 (even Leadville's DNF I was positive I'd finish, as well as horrible Wasatch). RDL was nothing, baby:)

  9. Olga - I'll bring tissues for Bighorn.

  10. Squirt =P3:16 PM

    From ironing underwear to iron man.
    Probably one of the few comments you'll ever witness relating to your blog (from me at least).
    And P.S. I don't like the heater on either--I think your apartment is perfect =] Gives you all the more reason to use your cool blanket that I chose!

  11. Olga - I'll bring tissues for Bighorn.

  12. Hey Rick, FYI for ya

    Xterra Triathlon World Championship SAT. 1 pm EST CBS FEB. 3rd

    Still have some time to TIVO it :-)

  13. Sadly Bob, I don't have cable and unwilling to fork up the bucks for it. Plus I'm in denial with the time I spend watching the tube. Ironically the only time I get to see cable is when I visit my folks in Florida.

  14. awesome list...I love it. Hmm, but the underwear comment made me realize I really don't know you the way I thought I did. And if you ever want to watch something on cable you are invite dto my place anytime....jason

  15. Hey Rick I added your WEIRD pic to my Post.

    I am posting this to some of my other blog buddies to GET Weird with us-haha

    I am on a QUEST to prove the definition Society puts on the word "WEIRD" actually means "Normal" to us!

    Stop by to read the Complete Details :-) SEND your Blog FRIENDS over and join us in

    PROVING this very important issue --LOL Well not that important but it is FUN to Express our WEIRDNESS, I mean normalcy:-) that makes us unique.