Thursday, January 18, 2007


Not that's not Kristen. That's Spamsi and her buddy at Golden Gate Park. Ran into a good number of people in my run last Sunday.

Last Sunday as I was running under and past the Golden Gate Bridge I ran into my friend Kristen going the other way. She was on her bike with a friend headed out towards Marin. She yelled, I yelled back. Well apparently on the way back from Marin, on the Bridge, she had an accident. Ran into some tourists or something, that part I'm not so clear about. She broke her hand in the process.

I found out about it Tuesday night from Spamsi before I left for TBT and when I got to Coach M2's studio I saw for myself. There was Kristin spinning with her removable cast off, infured hand held high. It looked bad, her wrist and arm, all black and blue. The next day she went in for surgery so they can insert pins in her hand. Arrrggghhhhh. She was in very good spirits, laughing about it and such. Spinning like nothing was wrong. My first question of course was, "justwhat are you doing here you crazy person?". Before she left she put her cast back on and waved goodbye, laughing. What a character. Crazy girl, although I'm very impressed she was there spinning. Not that I condone that kind of behavior. Out 4-6 weeks. Definitely no typing. She's our Communications director too, it's been quiet on her front. There's been a heatead issue discussed on the email list the last couple of days and her silence is obvious. Thinking about you and your wrist Kristin!

I found out during the week that there had been other mishaps on the bike this past weekend because of ice on the roads. We lucked out on our route Saturday. Those that went Sunday were not so lucky. I have never though of that, you know being careful about ice on our roads. From now on any cold snaps automatically cancels my bike ride. Ain't worth it.

Warm weather coming up though. Cold snap is over.


  1. Best to Kristin on surgery and recovery.

  2. Rick-

    Do you pay all these beautiful girls to appear on your blog site?


    Pacifica 21K for me tomorrow.

  3. Haha it seems that way don't it. All these purty girls. I need to put up guy pictures up there or else ya'll will think I only talk to the ladies:)

    I may be there at Pacifica tomorrow. A friend wants me to run the 9k. I'm supposed to be backing down on the mileage this week so that might actually work.

    Good luck.

  4. Bike riding along with ice is probably not a good idea. Best wishes on her speedy recovery.

  5. "I may be there at Pacifica tomorrow".

    Cool, I'll introduce myself if I see you.

    Will G.

  6. Squirt6:55 PM

    The only place ice should be is in my glass =]
    But anyway, yeah be careful out there.
    Just stopping by and checking on ya.
    Talk to you soon.

  7. Good Luck Kristen on a Speedy Recovery!

    Sounds like she has a great Spirit, they always heal faster those kinds of people :-)

  8. PS ...Not sure about the spelling of her name? You have it both ways in the post, so since Olga spelled Kristin, I picked the other Kristen :-)

    I am correct right!--right?