Friday, January 05, 2007

Bike is Back On!

M2's New Studio
Coach M2 Spin class in his brand new studio.

If New Year's day was about the Swim and the Run, the rest of the week has mostly been about the Bike. Tuesday was a return to Coach M2's new studio, convenient since it's a mere 4 blocks from my place and what a great studio it has turned out to be. He went through months of searching before finally finding and renovating this space. So Tuesday was TBT day (Total Body Training) We started out with a 30 min spin followed by intervals on the treadmill, jump rope (absolute killer after the bike and run), push ups, non-weighted squats, then upper body workouts on the Vasa swim machines, back on the bike for more quick intervals, more jump rope and squats and finally finished off by a couple more intervals on the treadmill. TBT is a four letter word. My core is still slightly sore and it's Friday.

Wednesday I got my bike, Eleu, back from the shop. Got her tuned and cleaned. They replaced the brake and derailleur cables, replaced the chain and oiled her up. Name means nimble, energetic, quick and dexterous.

Then Thursday was the first Spin class of the season. I was in the first afternoon class, 5:30PM. I got there 5 minutes before and all the bikes were taken. So I ended up waiting for the 6:45 class. I passed the time socializing at first but eventually got going on the treadmill. M2 gave me a hill repeat workout which worked out nicely. The run before the bike was good but in the future it should be the other way around. Spin was tough, understandably. The new Spin bikes are sweet. The display keeps track of; Wattage (how much power you're producing), Speed, Heart Rate, Interval Session and Cadence (rpm's). A properly calibrated computer doesn't lie, it has all your numbers. I'm ready for a nice recovery run tonight. Something to move the lactic acid out.

This weekend it's back on the run. Have to skip out of the big bike ride on Saturday because I have to help Church in their office move. Maybe a short run if I get back early. Sunday is long run time. I'm thinking 16-18. This afternoon I sent my first email out as Run Director, I had butterflies composing it. Just announcing the run workout options available to the members this weekend. So far I've got two members leading runs on Sunday. I'm incorporating one of those into my long run. I'm not scheduled to start leading trail runs until the second week in February.

A Little About M2
Coach Michael (M2 because of the two M's in his name - Michael McCormack) is an all around nice guy and knowledgeable coach. Doesn't talk down to you and gives it to you straight. He's our Track coach at the club and his Spin classes are very popular. His bio states that he won Ironman Canada in 91 and 95. He also finished 2nd in Ironman Japan in 97 after being overtaken on the last half mile, ouch! He has finished as high as 11th in Kona, the Boston Marathon of Triathlon. He's not my personal coach, I don't have one, but I get some of that anyway since I'm always at Track and his Spin classes. He also gave me complimentary passes to his TBT sessions for being the Run lead.


  1. How sweet that the studio is so close to you! We need some spin entrepreneurs up in Portland. I'd love to just take a spin class but I haven't been able to find a stand alone studio.

  2. TBT is a four letter word- lol

    That is a crazy workout...Good job that TBT will keep ya on track for your 2007 events :-)

    ok RD have a good night!


  3. Spin is a four letter word as well. I haven't tried one yet, but have been intrigued even though I am primarily and almost exclusively a runner. Have a nice long run this weekend.

  4. I'm putting off the biking until the weather warms up a bit, so you're getting a good head start on me for 2007.

    Thanks for letting me know about the schedule - maybe we'll cross paths this year.

  5. I miss spin classes I first started in NYC. You are right - most of it is from the coach, as with any sport.
    Glad to read you're back full speed. We'll have a good year!