Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spamsi's Dolls

Olive and Archie
Olive and Archie, photo by Spamsi. For a link to her blog

Spamsi is one of my good friends, from Golden Gate Tri. She's a great athlete who finished Ironman Canada last year. When she's not out training she's involved in her other passion; knitting, sewing and making dolls. If I had a kid daugther I'd order a couple. She also wanted to add that she likes to bake cupcakes.

I was doing some color corrections on her doll photography this evening and I thought I should post one of her images. Cool to see friends involved in other things besides working out and racing. I always find it interesting what other people do when they're not sweating it out somewhere.


  1. These are very cute! Too bad I don't have a girl either:)

  2. Those are just too darn cute! : )

  3. WOW when I looked really quick I thought it was Rick on a hot date-- haha...

    Come on Rick that made ya laugh :-)

  4. Yea, yea, it does kind of look like me huh Bob. Brown skinned, round eyes, black hair side combed. I even have a light blue long sleeve shirt that color.

  5. You mean there are activities out there that don't require sweating? :)

  6. LOLOL Rick...small calves though :-)

    and Cliff looks like it :-)