Thursday, January 25, 2007

She's OK

She's Ok
Kristin, recovering from surgery.

Monday night was Sponsors Expo night for the club. It was a blast. Like the expos you experience in Marathons. Room was filled with chiropractors, massage therapists, bike shop people, wetsuit people, sporting goods store people, coaches, sunscreen folks and a whole lot more folks I can't describe. It was also a night for new members and just curious folk to check out the club, meet people, ask questions. I was losing my voice from all the socializing. I got sick last week and still working my way to 100%. I'd be a lot further along if I just stopped working out! Next time, I'll try to be smarter....right. Anyway it was a great time and we gave away a lot of stuff. Part of the entry fee for the sponsors was to offer something that we could give away as raffle prizes. People came away with $100 massage coupons, goody bags of sport gear, bike tune ups, free gait analysis, free bike fits, etc, etc, etc. Too bad I was on the board, couldn't join in. No problem, I got my share of water bottles, food and even free coffee. Be nice to have a free massage though, body is needing it especially the shoulders from all the computer work. So Kristen is a-ok. She was in the thick of it all Monday night and the arm didn't slow her down. Doc said 4-6 weeks.

Next up, kick-off bike ride on Saturday. It's even sponsored. What does that mean? Food and drink before, during and after the bike ride. Support on the ride. Sponsoring bike shop gives the club a 25% discount except on bikes. Monday is an actual welcome back social at a restaurant. Then Track starts up on Feb. 6th and it's tradition that the first track workout is followed by a drink at Kezar Pub. Mercifully, Swim Director is waiting off on the kick-off swim. Weather has been warm and sunny but that water is still very cold. So things are finally underway at the club. Soon as I'm closer to 100% I'll be back on my long runs myself.

Soon as I process them, pics from the expo.


  1. Oh, man, you are busy! Sounds like fun at the club. My NY running club is having an award dinner this Sat, and I miss this event with prizes and dancing:)even though I am more often taht "wall flower"

  2. Glad u had a good time at your Expo on Monday and Kristen looks like she is doing well and that arm is didn't slow her down at all huh, nice!!