Friday, January 12, 2007


Brrr...high 20's tonight, record breaking temps supposedly. That's cold for us here. I actually like the cold but it's a pain to wear all those layers when you go out. I went for a short run tonight and my face was freezing. I finally warmed up 35mins into my 45min run. Sweet. I'd complain some more but since some of my fellow bloggers deal with much worse I'll just keep a lid on it:) We're spoiled here, besides the threat of one big catastrophic earthquake, it doesn't really get cold or stinkin hot here. We complain when it drops to the 30's and we do the same when it breaks 90. You could come from Siberia, live here long enough and you'll whine with the best of us. Actually I did know two people from Siberia...hmmm anyway I digress.

Leading a bike ride tomorrow, my first act of leadership for the season as Run Lead is to lead a bike ride:) Planning on a nice easy, medium ride across the bridge, past Sausalito and into Tiburon and the Paradise loop, about 35 miles. No need to go crazy on my first bike ride out. I hope several folks join. Our club is known for not RSVP'ing, you never really know how many people will show up for your workout. Maybe a short run after the bike, depends on my IT band. IT's been sore lately, natural for this time of the year when I'm starting to pile on the mileage again. Man I just know it's still gonna be pretty cold at 9AM, especially on the bike. Hopefully there's no wind..brrrr...I'll just think of Sarah's words in her last post.
"I was very diligent about completing my strength training workouts this week. So by the end of this run my hamstrings and calves were burning. But I say bring on the pain and suffering. Give me rain, cold, wind, mud, hills, rock, roots. I want to face it all head on now." - Sarah

This cold snap should be just fine for Sunday. Planning on an 18mile jaunt. Haven't crossed the bridge yet for my runs. I'll start running in Marin once I get to the 30's. I did manage to get more rest this week, 7.5/8hrs a night. Feeling a lot more capable this weekend!


  1. Mmm, 8 hrs of rest is good...Good luck with layers:)

  2. well Good luck with that cold stuff-- and keeep it out west :-)

    I will whine like a baby when it drops to 50 here--lol

    Enjoy ur Bike ride and long run on Sunday...Ok back to my Syrup Mix-haha


  3. Squirt =P10:52 AM

    So..I hear from Mom you've been rockin' the streets with them scarves.
    She's quite the scarf knitter and they usually feel a lot warmer when you know someone who loved you made them =]

  4. It's frigid here too. And as I started to mentally whine and whinge about my run this morning I had to remind myself of my own post!

    Stay warm! : )

  5. I think most clubs have problems with getting people to RSVP and participate as much as some of us would like. I have been trying to get feedback from the FF group and I have 4 responses out of 50+ people. What can you do? Have a good ride tomorrow.

  6. Right now it's 31 degrees at 10am Sunday morning here in the east bay. Factor in wind chill and we're talking mid 20's.. Hope you don't freeze your #@*#% off during that bike ride.

  7. Brrrr!!! Embrace that cold weather!!!

  8. Man it was friggin cold on that bike ride yesterday. I didn't wear enough layers. brrrr....I had to forego the ice bath when I got home. It was between cold and slightly not so cold the whole time.