Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday's Run

Heading towards the Pacific. The entrance to the bay, San Francisco side.

Aray! This is the Filipino version of "Ouch" or in the way I'm using it, "Mother[BLEEP]!". Whose legs are these? This ain't the pair I woke up with Sunday morning. That sweet, sweet pain I'm glad it's there but I'd like for it to cease long enough so I can hit the bathroom pain free.

So that's me today. Just the usual day after long run soreness. Earlier I was in a conference call and I had to dash to the bookshelf to access some material, almost lost it on the first few steps:)...physically and verbally. Oh man all this sitting around and the muscles get stiff all over again. My chair is super comfy too, I have one of those Herman Miller Aeron chairs. I actually hate profanity and I've managed to eliminate it entirely from my vocabulary but then I started doing ultras. Nothing says discomfort succintly like a few colorful words. It must really be January...building, building, building, then comes racing. During my high school years I got acquainted with the "No Pain No Gain", I still believe that, they just should have explained in further detail that there are good and bad types of pain. In ultra lingo, uncomfortable and really uncomfortable.

Yesterday I got up at 6AM, those who know me know this is half the battle - took 3 alarms. Left promptly at 7AM. It was chilly out but no rain and it warmed up quick. There wasn't a lot of people out which was strange, maybe the gloom and threat of more showers had most people staying under the covers. It was nice and quiet out. After the group ride yesterday it was nice having some alone time, even if it was just for a couple of hours. I was huffing faster than normal because I had to be at Golden Gate Park by 9AM, the last of our training runs for the San Francisco Half-Marathon next weekend. Thank God cause I've had it up to here with Golden Park. In fact I'm not running the race next week. I didn't lose the weight I wanted and I'm still slower than usual. Why pay money for what would essentially be another training run, which isn't long enough anyway and a route I've ran the last 4 weekends. No brainer.

Felt great up until mile 19 when my legs started to feel like lead, by mile 21 they were heavy and slow. Kept on pushing though and finished strong. I managed 25 miles on a course that's not all that hilly but moved at a decent pace. Now that I'm getting some of my distance back, gonna start layering the hill work. Track starts next week so I'll get to work on my speed as well.

Still suffering lingering effects from sickness from a couple of weeks ago. Symptoms are gone for the most part but it's still there. One sign was that my heart rate was too high for the different levels of effort I was producing. Well just got to grin and bear it I guess, do my best to rest and eat well. It's like recovering from an injury. Well now that the weekend is over I can get more sleep. No more rising early to workout.


  1. I love the quote, "Well now that the weekend is over I can get more sleep." That is definitely something a runner would say! :)

    Wow, what a gorgeous picture, too. Beautiful country. That is quite the view!

  2. more time: he-he:) Couldn't hold back. At least I had no pain next day, even though a description of 25M is accurate enough. Is it fun yet? Track this week? House of pain on hills? Bring it on! I love the fact that we're training for the same goal. Makes the suffer less "really uncomfortable".

  3. Squirt =P6:36 PM

    so guess who finally took their brother's advice and bought a sweater [with stupid $5 shipping]
    yeah, even a jury could convict me guilty.

  4. Pain Pain GO away Come Back another day!!

    Hope that helped ya :-) I been slacking the past few days cuz giving my Knee a rest but when I rest it I feel like such a slaccccccccccKER , so gonna get back to it tomorrow!!

  5. Jean, ain't it beautiful. I love it. Since my days of living in Hawaii, I've never grown tired of being near the ocean. In fact it was one of the reasons that got me to San Francisco.'s always fun. Even when it hurts it's fun. Smiling and Grimacing over and over again. You're right, we do have the same A race together. Sweet. Coming back from a break is a pain but I'm always glad for the break.

    Squirt, always with the comments that have nothing to do with my post, I like that about you nevertheless. Think of the $5 as money well spent. You could have bought the sweater the first time you saw it at the store but you decided to shop around some more. What if you had found something better, you didn't but I liked your original thinking on the matter. So they ran out and you had to buy it online, so what, at least you looked. Don't settle on the first good looking thing you see. We will revisit this point again later when you hit college later this year and find yourself in a huge sea of "boys".

  6. Rick , did you mean The Kaiser Permanente 1/2 marathon next weekend?

    I did that one last year and I didnt like it at all. Too flat and way too boring.

    The San Francisco 1/2( in July) is much much better, more your style.

  7. Steve, that's the one. Yeah man I think it's really boring, especially that stretch on the Great Highway. Feels like forever before you get to Sloat.

  8. Squirt =P6:00 PM

    more power to me to be able to post a comment that breaks the "running" flow =D
    can't wait til that convo comes.
    yeah, not often i get those gift cards so when i do, i really do look.
    anyway, i bet you right this second that mom is talking to you [in darn FILI-GLISH!] that she's forgotten a very important year. lol

  9. Hey Rick I sent you and email to your hotmail...

    going to bed now...Just watched the Fed X video again so I can sleep with a smile on my face--LOL



  10. Jean - Brrr....I bet. Our news says you guys have been below 0 for several days, as low as 42 below in parts of the state. Sounds painful.