Monday, January 08, 2007

More Sleep Please

Mouth of the Bay
From the mouth of the bay looking in towards Golden Gate Bridge. Marin County on the left and San Francisco on the right, Angel Island in the middle. Great training grounds for running, triathlon and God knows what else. Certainly good hiking in Marin.

Saturday I had an energy crash. I had to help out with the church move but I was done by noon and was just too exhausted to get a workout going. Felt a bit like bonking. I ate lunch and took a nap before finally getting some errands and chores done in the afternoon. Fully back into training but I haven't adjusted my schedule to accommodate all the training hours. I've been up late every night. Back in training and sleeping less than when I wasn't, it all caught up with me on Saturday.

Sunday thankfully was just as nice as Saturday. We've had amazing weather, colder this time of the year but this weekend we had clear skies and sun. I was feeling a little better with some sleep. Started with a group from the tri-club on their 9am run thru Golden Gate Park then made my way home meeting up with another group that started their run an hour later at Crissy Field. Basically I started inland, made my way to the Pacific and followed the water's edge back into the bay. It was a decent run but one night was not enough to make up for all the lost sleep, felt a bit slow and tired. When I would punch the "gas" for quick accelerations I would get a feeble response. Felt like a 4-cylinder compact on the way up to Tahoe. Wasn't too bad overall though. I could sustain a decent pace even on the hills which on this side of the bay are short anyway. I enjoy fartlek style of running on my medium/long runs but had to save it for another day.

So definitely more sleep this week. Gotta rework the schedule. My love for running is in direct competition with my love for being up late. I am at my most productive between the hours of 11PM-4AM, no emails, no phone calls, quieter. I don't always stay up till 4AM, but I always want to:) Priorities, priorities. Maybe I need to move to Spain or something. From what my friend Jason A told me, they work my kind of hours.


  1. they do 'live' your kind of hours, but I think they are party-ing a bit more....

  2. More sleep is always on demand. Wait till you have a family:)

  3. The only way I can figure to get more sleep is to extend the day to 30 hours. Otherwise I think it is a lost cause.

    The trail was actualy easier to follow with the snow. Just follow the tracks and you're golden.

  4. I'm a natural night owl, but regular work hours and the fact that morning is the only convenient time to workout, has turned me into an early riser. It can be done. : )

  5. RICK I feel your pain ...

    I have been working out of my home now for 8 years and schedule my conf calls or appts. after 10 am because I am SUCH a night OWL, sometimes I think I may have been an owl or a bat in a past life :-0

    the BIG problem I will have is the start times for my upcoming races--can they start them at NOON--lol

    GOOD LUCK Rick with getting to bed earlier!


  6. I forgot to say for previous post - I loved the TBT workout, as well as M2 bio!