Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nike Marathon


Is now a memory. Up the whole weekend, feels like one day. A lot of fun, much excitment, hard work but very rewarding. I was so excited about it I went down to the start line to help out at 1AM and just continued on till it was time to meet Kristin at my apartment at 4AM to start our shift. The work was definitely hard but the runners...they were so nice and thankful. Thank God for no accidents or major mishaps. At least in our station things generally went well. Zzzz...need a nap.


  1. Good for you! I'm sure you were appreciated.

  2. "She is kind of crazy..." and can shoot you, you know:)
    Man, 1 am! I don't think you sleep at all. That's why you get through the night easily at a 100.

  3. Ha, it's the other way around. Having experienced 100s, I have no qualms about working through the night.